Friday Activities

April 4, 2003

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Friday (Columbia Map)

10:00 a.m., in the Gamecock Room at the Holiday Inn Airport on Chris Street, Columbia, South Carolina.

Head Judge Dianna Stevens, and two interns, are tackling the Herculean task of evaluating the items entered in the Open Tatting Competition. Come on in and take a seat (shhhh. . . judges at work!) As each piece is reviewed,
Dianna will discuss the workmanship and explain how it was scored. What better way to learn about judging than to watch it in progress! When all of the pieces have been evaluated and scored, Dianna will field questions from the audience.

And if you think you might want to give judging a try, applications for the position of intern (for next year's competition) will be at the table near the door.

4:30 p.m., Gamecock Room
Design and Self-Publishing Workshop led by Dianna Stevens
The first section of this workshop studies the art of taking an idea or inspiration and turning it into a completed lace. The second section discusses taking your original works and turning them into a completed and marketed publication. This course is designed for the serious tatter who is ready to design and publish. All tatters are welcome to sit in - but be prepared for fast paced and in depth discussions.

7:00 p.m. at The Grecian Gardens Restaurant
First Annual Meeting of the Palmetto Tatters Guild. (Agenda)
7:40 PM Dinner speaker - Riet Surtel-Smelders, from Holland

8:30 p.m. Tat Off! in the Gamecock Room at the Holiday Inn
This speed tatting competition awards the fastest tatter, the slowest, the most accurate. . . plus the "What's That Bug?" award.

Granted, most folks assume that Mark Myers (who holds a fastest tatter title at International Old Lacers, Inc.) can't be beat, but don't bet on it! We Southerners have a Surprise Up our Sleeves! For a look at Mark in action, see and for a look at our surprise contender? You'll just have to be there!

The Tat Off is open to all tatters of all skill levels. No preregistration is required. No fees, just fun! If you'd like some advance practice, the competition pattern can be found at the top of the Tat Day registration page.
And of course, if you'd like to donate your practice butterflies to the next SC State Fair Tatting Demonstration, we'll make sure they find a good home!

Late O'clock!

Midnight Dragonfly Slumber Party!
Can you take a single shuttle and make a row of rings end to end - without a single bit of bare thread? Impossible, you say?Riet Surtel-Smeulder can! And if she can keep her eyes open, she's going to show us how! Riet has been practicing staying up late for months now! (She attends the Online Tatting Class at 2:00 a.m. Holland Time ; ) Pajamas are acceptable attire.

Saturday Morning
Ding - ding . . . Catch the trolley, at the Holiday Inn, bright and early Saturday morning at 8:57 to the museum for a day packed full of classes and exhibits!


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