1st Annual Palmetto Tatters Guild
Juried Tatting Show Guidelines

Columbia, South Carolina, April 4 & 5, 2003

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General Rules:

  1. Enter in as many categories as you like; no more than one item per category please.
  2. Complete an entry form for each item.
  3. Mounting and/or framing the work is not required.
    (If works are framed, appropriateness of frame will be considered in judging.)
  4. All entries must arrive by U.S. Mail no later than April 3, 2003. Entries that arrive after this deadline cannot be judged and will be returned unopened.
  5. Entries will be judged on April 4th and displayed during Tat Day, Saturday April 5, 2003.
  6. All judges' decisions are final.


  • Youth (up to age 17)
  • Adult (18 to 64)
  • Senior (65 and older)
  • Master (TAT Proficiency or 2 Best of Shows)
  • Professional (Earning $2000+ in tatting related income, such as teaching fees, publications or sales of tatted items.)

Clothing embellished w/tatted motifs

Linens embellished w/tatted motifs

Baby Item (bonnet, booties, etc.)

Christening Gown
Bookmark (may send 3) Butterfly (may send 3)
Collar Doily
Edging attached to clothing Edged handkerchief
Edged household linens Edgings (unattached)
Holiday Ornament (may send 3) Jewelry (earrings, necklace, chatelaine, etc.)
Motif/Medallion (2 of identical pattern) Note Cards / Stationary (set of 6)
Tatted Table Linens Scene or landscape
Three-dimensional Works Wearable (handbag, shawl, hair bow, vest, etc.)
Wire Works Wedding Apparel & Accessories
  Other (items not in the categories listed above)

Special Categories:

  • Handmade shuttles and other tatting tools (functionality will be judged)
  • Vintage Tatted Item (May be entered on behalf of tatter by the owner of the piece)
    This is the one category that will be judged only on workmanship, and not also on the current condition of the piece.

WOW! What a list! Now we KNOW you have tatting that will fit into at least one of these categories. SEND IT IN! We want to see it!

To Participate in this Competition:

  • Although we cannot guarantee against all contingencies, The Guild has taken great care to ensure the safety of each item during its exhibition at the Palmetto Tat Day. A special post office box has been opened to handle the entries for this competition. All entries, including local items, are to be delivered via the United States Mail. Hand deliveries will not be accepted, nor may items be picked up in person at the end of the day.
  • Two members of the Competition Committee have arranged to pick up all entries from the post office at 8:30 on Friday morning. Entries will be taken directly to the judging room, where they will stay until exhibition. At the end of the exhibit, all items (with their accompanying certificates and ribbons) will be returned by the Competition Committee to the containers in which they were sent, and posted by return mail on Monday, April 7th.

In order to ensure the safe delivery and fast return of your tatted items, we ask that you take the following steps.
1. Select two priority mail containers at your post office.
2. Address the smaller container to the location where you want your piece(s) to be returned.
3. Address the larger container to:

Palmetto Tatters Guild
P O Box 665
Irmo, SC 29063

4. Place the tatted piece(s), with the completed entry form(s), inside the smaller container, but do not seal.
5. Place the small self-addressed container into the larger container, with a label addressed to Palmetto Tatters as noted above and seal this last container.
6. The mail will not be opened until the day of judging, therefore we will not be able to notify when your item arrives. The Post Office does provide this service, however. If you would like to be notified that your package has arrived safely, please purchase a return receipt request from your postmaster.
7. You may also wish to purchase insurance. If you would like the item returned to you with the same insurance with which it arrived, please include a check for the amount you paid to send the package originally. Upon opening, your tatted items - and the container in which they arrive - will be matched to the entry form and carefully tagged to insure their proper return. Participants are not required to include the cost of return postage for uninsured packages (but return postage would certainly be appreciated : )


Printable Pages
Guidelines (in Word/RTF Format)
Guidelines (in PDF format)

ENTRY FORM (in Word/RTF format)
ENTRY FORM (in PDF format)


Need more info?
Write Donna @ web@palmettotatters.org
Write Joy @ joyathome@sc.rr.com

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