Tat Days 2006

Tat Days 2006

"Hats Off To Tatting!"

Class Schedule

Last Updated May 7, 2006


2:00 - 5:00
9:00 - 10:30
11:00 - 12:30
1:30 - 3:00
3:30 - 5:00
Fisher, Upstairs 1 Karen Miner
Vintage Shell Pendant & Earrings (S)(Adv)(P)
Erin Holloway
Wizard's Hat Bag (S)(Beg&Int)(P)
Erin Holloway
Palmetto cHATelaine (S)(Beg&Int)(P)
Fisher, Upstairs 2

Martha Ess
Celtic Hat (N&S)(Adv)(T/P)


Nina Libin
Designing Jeweled Lace (S)(Adv)(D)
Martha Ess
Reinventing the Wheel (S)(Beg&Int)(T/P)
Fisher, Upstairs 3 Brenda Rewhorn
Box of Tatting Techniques (N&S)(Beg&Int)(T)
Karen Miner
Drop Cabochon Earrings (S)(Beg&Int)(P)
Karen Bovard
Interlocking Rings and Split Rings Medallion (N&S)(Int)(T)
Fisher, Upstairs 4 Karen Bovard
Bobble or Bauble Sheath (N&S)(Int)(T)
Karen Bovard
Karen's Keltic Tatting (N&S)(Beg&Int)(T)

Brenda Rewhorn
Hat Pin Cushion (N&S)(Int)(P)


Brenda Rewhorn
Dragonfly (N&S)(Int)(P)
Fisher, Downstairs 1 (H) Karey Solomon
Chain Hat Box (S)(Beg&Int)(P)
Karey Solomon
Mini Amulet Bag (S)(Int)(T/P)
Martha Ess
Block Tatting Animals (S)(Int)(T)
Karey Solomon
Pearl Tatted Bracelet with Beads (S)(Int)(T)
Fisher, Downstairs 2 (H) Lyn Morton
3-D Flowers (S)(Int)(P)
Georgia Seitz
Tatter's Self Improvement Workshop (N&S)(Beg&Int)(T)
Lyn Morton
Tatting with Six Shuttles (S)(Adv)(T/P)
Rossi 1 (H) Nina Libin
Block Tatting with Beads (S)(Beg&Int)(T/P)
Sharren Morgan
Butterfly (N&S)(Int)(T/P)
Sharren Morgan
Bracelet (N)(Int&Adv)(P)
Georgia Seitz
Tatting Mini (N&S)(Beg&Int)(P)
Sharren Morgan
Hat Motifs (N&S)(Beg&Int)
Rossi 2 (H) Erin (S) Georgia &
Sharren (N&S)
Brenda (N&S) Lyn (S) Nina (S) Karen Miner & Georgia (N&S)

(H) = Handicap Accessible. If you cannot do stairs and wish to work under a teacher that is scheduled upstairs, select their "Conference" class in the Cafeteria.

(N) = Needle Tatting (Beg) = Beginner (T) = Technique
(S) = Shuttle Tatting (Int) = Intermediate (P) = Project
(N&S) = Needle & Shuttle Tatting (Adv) = Advanced (D) = Designing

Red/Pink: These courses are geared to both the beginning and intermediate tatter. And for the ‘brand new’ tatter, individual tutors are provided right within the class!

Green: These courses are an introduction to an advanced technique for intermediate tatters.

Blue: These advanced courses have pre-requisite skill levels. Please see course description for required competencies.

Purple - Conference Class: Tat, Chat, Teach & Learn. This session provides additional instruction for the student who wants more direction and time to complete a project begun in an earlier class. Or, feel free to join this class if you’ve been working at home on a pattern created by this designer, and would like some guidance in its’ completion. These are all scheduled in the cafeteria and will be informal, so you may drop in at any time or schedule this time as a class for yourself.

On Time: Please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the lace display, you may leave any class early.

Early Birds Class with Karey, Saturday, 6:00A.M.

Bridge stitch Button­Bottom Bag  (with Music)

Think you can¹t do bridge stitch? Learned once but didn¹t use it and then forgot?  This musical introduction (or re-introduction) to the bridge stitch will have you at ease with it in no time ­ and you¹ll have a little bag you can use as a ball-holder or handkerchief bag as your end result!

Night Owls Class with Karen B., Friday night, after Tat & Chat and until.....

Ergonomics of Tatting, Lacemaking and Needlework

Karen B. has researched material on this topic and will present a lecture about her findings. It will give the you information about lighting, seating, posture, breaks, and stretching exercises for longer, more productive tatting time


General Tat Days Classes questions: teachers@palmettotatters.org

General Tat Days Questions: tatdays@palmettotatters.org

General Registration Questions: registrar@palmettotatters.org

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