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Tat Days 2006 Teachers
(alphabetical order by first name)

Brenda Rewhorn of England

Brenda learned to tat in her teens. She is a very active teacher of many textile arts including dressmaking; embroidery; patchwork; bobbin lace; crochet; and, of course, tatting. Since becoming Chairman of the Ring of Tatters in 1998, she spends most of her time tatting and currently has a tatting book in the hands of a publisher.
Erin Holloway of Tennessee
Erin taught herself to tat at the age of 11 from the Coats & Clark "Learn How" book. Though her various and sundry needlework pursuits have given her much pleasure over the years, she's just as crazy about tatting now as she was when she first mastered the "flip".
Georgia Seitz of Illinois (formerly, Alaska)
Georgia (known as AKTATTER online) has taught tatting at many lace making conferences, written and edited several books, and directs the online tatting class. She loves nothing better than a day in the sun on the porch with her shuttles. Her motto: "Have Shuttle, Will Travel".
Karen Bovard of Nebraska
Karen considers herself a fiber artist and learned to tat as a teen from her grandmother in rural Nebraska. In the past 15 years, she has developed her own tatting patterns and designs and hopes to publish her first tatting book very soon.
Karen Miner of Washington
Karen grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and traveled to Indiana as a child where her grandmother taught her sewing and embroidery. As an adult, she has entered her tatting creations in competitive competitions and won many awards. She is currently active in several lace making groups and plans to publish her first tatting book this year.
Karey Solomon of rural New York
Karey has been tatting for more than 30 years, and received her Teacher Certification from the Great Lakes Lace Group in 1998. Currently, she continues to write tatting books - the latest, "Shuttleworth Cottage," combines a complex tatted art-piece with a spoof of a Victorian novel. She also writes and edits the quarterly Tatting Times, now in its 15th year of publication.
Lyn Morton of England
Lyn learned to tat about 45 years ago during an extended hospital stay and instantly became hooked. About 15 years ago, she joined the Ring of Tatters, and tatting became an increasingly larger part of her life. In 1997 she and her husband started their business: Tatting & Design. Since then, she has written a series of tatting pattern books and teaches at Tatting Days in the UK, residential weekends and regular workshop classes.
Martha Ess of North Carolina

Martha learned to tat using a couple of books from the local library almost 30 years ago. Through the years, she has submitted original tatting patterns for publication in the Workbasket Magazine and several Internet web sites. She is excited to share her designs with us by teaching her first class at Tat Days 2006!

Nina Libin of New York City
Nina has been teaching and designing her blend of tatting and beading, known as BEANILE Lace for over 20 years. She has written several books detailing these intricate patterns,and also guiding us to create our own beaded tatting jewelery.
Sharren Morgan of South Carolina
Sharren learned several needle crafts as a child from her godmother and two aunts. Self-taught in many other needle arts, Sharren has always been creative, designing in many mediums. She first learned to tat in the late 1980's and began attending meetings of the Palmetto Tatters Guild in 2001 and served as our first Treasurer when it was formally organized in 2002. Sharren continues to share her whimsical designs with her many Palmetto Tatting friends.

Thank YOU to all teachers that applied to share your talents and help us to spread the craft of tatting at our Tat Days! And do note that it was NOT easy narrowing the list down to just a few!

On Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the lace display, you may leave any class early.


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