Snowflakes Across Your Community

UPDATE June 21 for South Carolina: We have 30 snowflakes. Hoping for more than 48.

AND, Barbara H. has created a snowflake for South Carolina just for this project!
Here is a link to the pattern.

You may add your own State's Abbreviation and use it for your state.

Where have you seen snowflake decorations?
Did it make you think of tatted snowflakes?
Let's make snowflakes in 2019 to share with our communities.

Look around you TODAY at possible places: where you meet, doctors' offices, government buildings, libraries, museums, schools, etc.
We want to encourage and challenge you and your groups to take on a small project that will share and show tatting to your community. If not a holiday decoration, maybe a tatting exhibit in your town.

ENJOY SHARING your craft!

A few years ago, we gave a 3' tree full of snowflakes to the Lexington Museum where we hold our meetings and they display it every December. They LOVE it!

SHARE your photos on our Facebook page and send to and Donna will post here. THANKS!

The Palmetto Tatters Guild will be making snowflakes for our SC State House in Columbia. Donna visited there and they had plastic snowflakes on their 4 foot trees. The trees just called out asking for handmade ones! There were 4 of these trees outside the House and Senate Chambers.

Size: 2" to 4" across
White thread or Liz Metallic Iridescent
Size 20 thread or smaller
Any flat or almost flat design.
Not 3D.
No beads.
6 major points

Stiffened with 1/2 Elmers Glue / 1/2 water. (NO sugar water.)
NO need to stiffen Liz Metallic.
High Quality since we are showing off our ART!

Palmetto Tatters Guild requests theirs by Tat Days September 5-8, 2019.
Bring to a meeting or mail to P.O. Box 1597, Lexington, SC 29071   USA

Extras: If we receive more than we need for the State House, or ones that do not quite fit in with all the others, we will be sure to find another grand location for them or add them to our craft box for Craft Sales/Art Sales around the South to add to our general budget and teaching funds.

Thank you for all you do for the Art of Tatting!

Notes from Teresa Woods on Liz Metallics:
If you haven’t played yet with the Liz Metallics, here are some tips.
1) Adding thread can be a challenge and an old-style weaver’s knot appears to work best.
2) Since the thread is not mercerized (twisted and gauzed), leave ends extra long for sewing, adding thread, or using magic threads.
3) Find the Handy Hands Lizbeth thread holder Barbara donated at Tat Days a couple of years ago. Once opened, the metallic thread will NOT remain on the ball. (Or keep in plastic bag.)
4) Use slightly looser tension when making rings. Be sure to set/distribute stitches evenly after closing the rings.
5) Dimpled rings are CRAZY although once set, they won’t move. The next time I try dimpled rings in Liz Metallic, I’m going to try the set stitch version.
6) (From Donna T.) For chains, use a weight on the thread hanging down from the little finger to keep it on your finger. I like a rubber ended spring clip.

The one on the right is Sharon Briggs’ Rose and Hearts new design and the other one is Third Day of December from Alene Bjorn’s 2002 book of snowflakes.

Weights for thread.

The left one is size “20” Liz Metallic and the right one is Lizbeth cotton 20. Same stitch count but I think the top one is closer to a 15. Both fine!


LOTS of books on Snowflakes! Tat your favorites!

Here are a few ideas:


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