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Welcome to our Fundraisers page!

This will be one of our means to raise funds to help cover the costs of our events like the SC State Fair Demo Day, our Tat Days tatting retreat, and our Tat Days Scholarship Fund. We have items that we believe you will enjoy and that will enhance your experience with tatting.

ORDERING DIGITAL DOWNLOADS - May take 1 to 2 weeks for email to arrive with your download instructions.

THANK YOU for your support.

Pattern CD's from Tat Days | Linda Davies Books | Tatting Hands Video | PTG Denim Shirt

Questions about your order? Contact our Order Person at orders@palmettotatters.org.

Pattern CD's

Tat Days 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006,



Tat Days Patterns - 2003 to Present
This CD is a compilation of the handouts used in classes at the Palmetto Tatters Guild Tat Days. Patterns for all experience levels reflect the Guild's education goals. We hope you enjoy tatting these patterns, and we remind you to please give credit to all of the teachers who shared their talents and worked very hard to make this event a success. 

Here is a link to our past Tat Days. Look for the links to a Visual Guide of Patterns for each year.

Contact information for the designer is given on each pattern to assist you in getting answers to specific questions.  

All handouts on the are presented in .pdf format.  To view these files, you will need a PDF reader-app, browser, or download.


Many years include tatted angel patterns, especially Tat Days 2015.

2008 Pattern CD includes many heart patterns from our Tat Days theme.

Linda Davies' 7 book collection of patterns on 1 CD.


The CD format opens in .pdf files.
The CD contains 7 of Linda's books.

VISUAL GUIDE of Linda's Patterns

From Petals to Pearls
Exotic Range of Tatted Flowers
Spring Collection of Tatted Flowers
Pastel Posy
Summer Collection of Tatted Flowers
PLUS 2 added specifically for the PTG Scholarship fundraiser:
Tatted Flowers from Bulbs
Tatted Tiaras & Bridal Pieces.


Price: $24.95 (Equals $3.56 per book-What a bargain!)

All proceeds from the sale of this cd will go to the Palmetto Tatters Guild Tat Days Scholarship Fund. Thank you Linda!.

ORDER HERE or from Handy Hands at http://www.hhtatting.com

Tatting Hands





Tatting Hands DVD
An amazing collection of over 30 different styles of tatting. It begins with a few minutes on How-to-Tat and then 80 minutes of outstanding tatting with a surprise ending! “There is no one way to tat,” says Georgia Seitz, the narrator. “The joy is in the journey and our hands take us all the way.”

To see a 3.5-minute sampling, click here.
Smaller file (2.5MB) https://www.palmettotatters.org/fundraisers/TattingHandsSample100K.wmv
Larger file (12MB) https://www.palmettotatters.org/fundraisers/TattingHandsSample512K.wmv

1) The DVD will be a format for the US and Canada (NTSC). It will play in a computer and a stand-alone DVD player. Cost: $15.
2) The Windows Media File will be for outside the US. It will play on any computer with Windows Media Player. Cost: $12.

The Palmetto Tatters Guild thanks all of the tatters from across the globe that made this video possible. Thanks to Georgia Seitz for the narration and Kyle Whitlock for the music.

Denim Shirt Denim Shirt Detail

Palmetto Tatters Guild Denim Shirt


We now offer our Palmetto Tatters Guild Denim Shirt. $25 + postage and handling. Write Donna at web@palmettotatters.org if you would like to order this shirt. Please specify size and short or long sleeves. Some sizes run true to size. Some are a little small. Donna will explain with your order. And remember, if you want to wear it as a jacket or second layer, order one size up.

This page last updated on March 15, 2021.

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