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Amanita muscaria / “Button” mushrooms

Teacher - Karey Solomon
Level 2 Needle and Shuttle

Description: Techniques you probably know may be used with a different twist to get a different effect. Here buttons are applied (tatted-on) in a less-usual way to a half-Catherine wheel to create fanciful mushrooms.
Skills Required: Basic tatting skills (rings, chains, joins). Having tried block tatting or a Catherine Wheel could be helpful but not essential.
Techniques Taught : Half-Catherine Wheel, Adding buttons. You will also learn the "force-join."
Materials/Supplies: 2 Shuttles, Thread (Size 10 in two different colors), 9 two-hole tiny buttons, and Crochet hook (US size 12 or finer)
Kit: Optional
Kit Description: "KIT: $1.00 all
Kit contents: A selection of tiny buttons"

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