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Beaded Celtic Constitutional (Part 1)

Teacher - Karey Solomon
Level 2 Shuttle & Needle, but Needle tatters are on their own.

Description: Onion rings and a less-usual construction technique are part of this pattern. Use beads to create an ornament, or no beads and larger threads to create a coaster. You’ll be using onion rings and interweaving to make the ornament or coaster, with five or six points.
Skills Required: Basic tatting skills (rings, chains, joins) and perseverance!
Techniques Taught: Interweave rings and chains. Play with onion rings.
Materials/Supplies: 2 Celtic-style shuttles or use finger-tatting w/weavers’ butterflies. Thread (Size 20 or 10, two different colors). 75 Beads (Size 8 for 10 thread and size 11 for 20 thread)
Pre-class preparation: For Ornament (Size 3 or 5 thread): 5-pointed ornament: Thread 35 beads onto the main color and 10 onto the other color. 6-pointed ornament: Thread 48 beads onto the main color and 24 onto the other color
Kit: No
Notes: Karey suggests that students opt for the 5-pointed coaster or ornament; class members will get the pattern for the 6-pointed variation at the same time.

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