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Ring on Ring Earring

Teacher - Phyllis Schmidt
Level 3 Shuttle and Needle

Description: Using the ANKARS technique, make Ring on Ring Earrings
Skills Required: Rings, Chains, Bead joins, and Working with multiple threads on one shuttle including metallic thread.
Methods or Technique for Class: ANKARS technique
Supplies Needed: Shuttle, 28 Size 11/0 Seed Beads, 1 Crystal bead, and 1 Drop Crystal.
Kit: Optional
Kit Description: Kit: $10.00
Kit contents: Thread, Beads, Crystals, Metallic thread (color choice by the student; either gold- or silver-toned), and earring findings. The kit will also contain a small piece of vellux material to use as a bead mat and a beading needle.

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