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Tatted Tree of Life

Teacher - Bonnie Swank
Level 2 Shuttle and Needle

Description To cover a metal ring with tatting and use long, beaded picots to form a Tree of Life.

Skills Required Reverse order double stitches (RODS), Long beaded picots, and Finger tatting

Techniques Taught Cover a metal ring with RODS. Twist long bead picots to form a Tree of Life. Finger tatting. How to "hide" ends in a unique way.

Materials/Supplies One tatting shuttle, 8-10 yd of thin twine, 36-40 Beads (Size 6 or 8), 2 Clamps, Scissors, and Needle to hide ends.

Kit Required.
Kit Description: "KIT: $12.00 (Students) $15.00 (All others)
Kit contents: Twine, Beads, Metal Ring, and 2 Clamps."

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