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Wild Strawberry Needle Emery

Teacher - Karey Solomon
Level All levels - Shuttle and Needle, but needle tatters are on their own.

Description: This 3-D strawberry holds a compact secret – it’s stuffed with ground walnut shells to keep pins and needles sharp, lubricated, and rust-free. It’s small (slightly larger than a thimble) but a useful addition to a tatting kit (or sewing kit). You’ll learn how to increase and decrease tatting circumference to shape a dimensional tatted object as you would with crochet or knitting.
Skills Required: Basic tatting skills (rings, chains, joins).
Methods or Technique for Class: Tatting dimensionally to create a solid object with increases and decreases for shaping.
Supplies Needed: 2 Shuttles, Thread (Size 20 preferred, two separate colors), 80 Size 10 or 11 Beads, and Crochet hook appropriate to the thread size
Pre-Class Preparation: Thread about 80 beads onto the thread color chosen for the strawberry. Wind a shuttle with unbeaded thread CTM to the ball. Wind the 2nd shuttle with the color selected for the stem and five-pointed calyx.
Kit: Required
Kit Description: "KIT: $1.50 (students only)
Kit Contents: The kit is a small, sturdy although permeable bag for needle/pin packed with ground walnut shells."

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