LINK to the PTG's FIRST SC State Fair Event

Enjoy the photos from 2000! Click on any photo to view a larger version.

A good shot of the main demo wall, where we showcased our collective tatted works...those we haven't given away already, of course. =) The main demo wall
A close-up view of some of the display items tatted by participants. More of the display
Fairgoers stopped by to pick up a butterfly and find out what that tatting stuff really is. The Palmetto Tatters were armed and ready! The booth
The butterflies were everywhere! And they came from everywhere...the US, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada...when we say everywhere, we mean it! Some of Jean's work can be seen to the left. Butterfly explosion!
Katherine looks on while a fairgoer selects one of hundreds of butterflies to keep. Choosing from the butterflies
These girls spent a good while deciding which butterfly to choose! Future Tatters
As did these... Future Tatters
More butterflies, displayed on a frame showcasing some of the cards and letters they arrived in... More butterflies
Donna shows them how it's done with a giant Tatsy shuttle and some heavy yarn. Donna shows how to tat
Addie shows these girls a few "moves". Teenage Tatters
A student carefully watches Donna's hands as she demonstrates the stitches. Donna teaches another student
Katie shows another would-be tatter "the ropes". Katie and friend
Suddenly, Katie's "class" has grown!". Katie and 'class'
Carolyn's daughter is a born tatter! Starting them young
Joy's son is concentrating on his tatting. He was a great sport throughout the day and even taught someone to tat! Congratulations! =) Another family tradition
Joy and Jean relax, have a snack, and tat. Taking a break
Addie observes one of our fastest learners of the day. She was making rings in no time! Lessons?
Addie, Kaz and Donna (Top, then left to right) smile for the camera. More tatters
Lorena, her husband and their sweet daughter drove 3 hours to join us for the afternoon. Lorena's family
Your e-pals (from left to right) Jean, Joy, Katie and (in front) Lorena. The Tat-Chatters/e-tatters
Joy, Lis, Katie and Jean take a break to visit...teaching tatting is hard work! The Tat-Chatters/e-tatters again

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