Tatting Day at the South Carolina State Fair
October 5, 2001


Slideshow of Butterflies and Small Tats we shared. (In Flash)

Well All: Yesterday was our day at the South Carolina State Fair. A good day (glad it was right before a weekend-that will give us time to rest and recover before many of us head back to work on Monday) with many learning to tat from pre-teens on up. I don't know how many went through and took time to try it out. Many got the flip. Joy has the list of those who wanted us to follow up with them and many shuttles with contact numbers were given out.

Butterfly Giveaway Report: Over 2600 butterflies were adopted by those who were passing by and fell in love with them. A number of people told us that they had gotten one last year and still had them. That's a good feeling to know that some treasure a small giveaway freely given. Not many other groups that give stuff away at the Fair can say that. People enjoyed comparing their butterfly to the ones on the cards on the map and finding out where it came from.

Pictures: Three of our members had digital cameras with them and we will work on posting pictures in the near future. We will let all know when the pictures are posted.

Ribbons Report: We got to take some time and look at the tatted items our guild members had entered and found many ribbons among them. Here is the list:

Blue Ribbons:
Jeanette Swygert for her tatted American Flag
Katie Johnson for her Doiley in Rounds
Katie Johnson for her Edging on a Handerkichief
Katie Johnson for her tatted Collar
Katie Johnson for her Motif doiley
Sheron Goldin for her Sock Edging
Sheron Goldin for her covered christmas ball
Sheron Goldin for her Motif Bookmark
Alice Richardson for her Sock Edging

Red Ribbons:
Sheron Goldin for her tatted Doiley
Sheron Goldin for her tatted Angel

Future Plans: Yes we will plan to do this next year. Our main focus will remain the Butterflies but we will continue to look for tatted doodles such as the taterpillars, ants, bunnies, mice and cats we got for the boys this year (and some of the boys were in the 50's and 60's). So keep on empting those shuttles and put them away as the year goes on. If you can - promote tatting and give them away. If not we would love to get them. Get an envelope full and you want to send them on before they end all over the house? Go ahead and send them to me: I have an empty notebook that needs to be refilled by this time next year.

Sherong, Columbia, SC, NATA # 287

Side Note:  Cardboard shuttles were also shared.  Here is a picture.

Please visit our online photo album of our Tatting Day at the Fair!


Planning for the State Fair of 2001

We will be doing several things:

1. We will be having a map of the world hanging and anyone who sends any to us will be listed in our "Tatters Around the Country and Around the World" Map, and this will be expanded as more fly our way. (Are you and your area represented? If not please send us a butterfly or two so you can be – we want to show how wide spread tatting really is and give a reality shock to the State Fair officials who last year said Tatting was a Lost Art)

2. We will be demonstrating tatting to all who stop and look, and to those who just walk on by slowly.

3. We will be teaching tatting to those who wish to give it a try. We will be using shoelaces for some of the learners so that the flip is easier to see and for others we will use size 10 on cardboard shuttles.

4. We will be sending many who get the flip on their way with cardboard shuttles and a few yards of thread to continue to practice. The shuttles have contact numbers so they can get in touch with us and join our group, as well as web info.

5. We will be giving a Tatted Butterfly to any and all who wish to adopt one (Joy thinks we need to do some snakes or bugs for the boys who think a butterfly is too girlish so if you have any of those you want to send please do and thanks. Joy has some doodle pictures of bugs on the newbie class page from last week and that could give you some ideas. Please do not do in size 80 threads as I have to apply the tacky backing and it's hard on a single strand of that size)

Thanks to Sherong (Columbia, SC, NATA # 287) for this news AND coordinating ALL those BUTTERFLIES!

2000 South Carolina State Fair

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