16th Annual Tat Days 2018

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(Aug 22) Sample Menu - The food is GREAT! You will ENJOY it! If you have special dietary requirements, please write Teresa so we can be sure the kitchen and you connect as needed. Teresa at registrar@palmettotatters.org

Toccoa's Policies for their Campus - PLEASE READ. Thank you!


WELCOME BAGS: Each year we have a "tatting" tote bag for our Tatters and a small goodie bag for our supporters that travel with us. We believe this year's bags are once again very special! Many contribute to these bags. We have SO MANY talented and generous tatters!
Don't forget to get your tatter's bag and a KNOTS (Kind Network of Tatting Supporters) Bag for the support person that came with you!


EXCHANGE TABLE: Bring items tatters enjoy that you no longer need or of which you have too many.
Friday-Leave an item, take an item. Saturday-Take all you will use.


Containers: We are tatters! We are always collecting containers!  If you have any extras, bring them for the exchange table. Or add some COOL tatting related odds and ends into the container and donate it to the Silent Auction. THANKS!


FUN Historical Women Tatting article by Georgia


Things you might want to BRING
Provided: Small bar soap, 1 white towel set per person, linens, 2 pillows on each bed.
Bring: Hair dryer, shampoo and other personal toiletry items.

Extra towels if you need more than 1 for the weekend. (not white)
Rolling cart (optional) to move from classroom to classroom-small suitcase, craft box on wheels, folding crate that rolls.
Tatting Bag with basic tatting supplies like crochet hook (small), scissors, bead threader, shuttles and/or needles, and threads for various extra patterns that will be shared. (Items available in vending if you forget something.)

Hot or Cold? Sweater or battery operated fan-depends on you.
Water bottle with a lid. There should be a vending machine for sodas on the 2nd floor.
Tatted Lanyard (optional) for name tag.
Umbrella or Raincoat for short walk to dining hall.
Money for vending, silent auction, and live auction.
(PTG sales take cash or check and may take a credit card. Main vendor will take credit cards, cash and maybe a personal check.)


Special Needs
Please write Teresa at registrar@palmettotatters.org if you have a special need pertaining to a room. All rooms are accessible by elevator. There are a few rooms on the first floor, the same floor as all of the activities other than dining. There are a few rooms that are specifically designated as Handicap. They have 2 double beds (like all of the rooms). The bath is very similar as the others except it has a raised commode, railings in the bathroom along the wall, the lip to get into the shower is a much smaller step over than the other tubs and I believe the counter with the sink is raised a little higher, too.

Tat Days Wheelchairs:
No scooter rentals are available in the area but here are our 3 choices for folks to call ahead and make their arrangements for a wheelchair. There is no delivery for the wheelchair but if more than 1, they will pickup on Monday. The pickup and payment will be up to the person renting the wheelchair. All businesses are open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM except the pharmacy which is open on the weekend. All are for the same price of $20 for the weekend (2016 price) .
Please send a note to Pam at specialneeds@palmettotatters.org if you do rent a wheel chair just for our records.

Next to Me Medical Supplies – 706-886-6649
Convalescent Home Equipment – 706-886-8474
Jerry White’s Pharmacy – 706-886-2662


What to wear?


We are always casual and comfortable.
It is a Baptist center so please nothing too far out.
Why not wear your favorite past Tat Days shirts? Easy to pack!


You may wish to include a sweater, scarf, or small personal battery operated quiet fan.


Raincoat or umbrella may come in handy if it is raining on the way to the dining hall.

Many will wear this year's shirt on Saturday.
It will be a Deep RED shirt with the logo printed on the front.


Cameras are welcome! We will have a few "official" photographers roaming around documenting the event. Just remember, be courteous, when picture taking. Do not let it disturb your classmates and be aware that some tatters may not want their picture taken. Thanks.
NOTE: By registering and attending Tat Days, you give PTG permission to use your likeness in our photos for purposes of the Guild such as advertising online and in print. Thank you.


Weather: Average High = 85/86 and Average Low=66. Check out weather.com for 10-day forecast. For the class rooms, some will bring a sweater and others will bring a fan.


For 2017 weather was AMAZING!

Date Forecast Hi / Lo Precip Wind Humidity
81° / 56°
NW 5 mph 51%
83°/ 57°
ENE 5 mph 48%
81°/ 58°
ENE 8 mph 52%
SEP 10
80°/ 61°
ENE 12 mph 50%



Date Forecast Hi / Lo
84° / 65°
84°/ 64°
84°/ 64°
83°/ 64°



Publicity: Help us spread the word on your blogs and tweets. Thanks! See our ad in IOLI magazine.


Internet Access
If you bring your own laptop, there is wireless internet access in some of the lobby areas in the hotel/classroom building and in the lobby of the main building next to the dining hall (a short walk). Also, we will have a laptop for checking email and such for limited times during the day and evening.

Tat Days 2018