17th Annual Tat Days 2019


Fundraisers (Updated May 8, 2019)

(Live and Silent Auctions, Drawings, Donations, Pattern CD, Shirts, Vending/Supplies)


3 Quilts for 2019 (from donations in 2018)! Thank you!


2019 Scholarship Fund Raiser QUILTS.


Share your love of tatting with a donation to our Scholarship Fund and maybe you will WIN this BEAUTIFULLY HAND CRAFTED Quilt! Visit TatDaysScholarship.info

Only takes 60 seconds! (Unless you look at ALL of the pictures provided by Erin and Raymond!)



Blue Full Bed
81 Blocks
Fantastic Multi Themes with Flakes, Critters, White Medallions and more.
Probably Online Donations

Log Cabin Design Table Topper
17 Blocks

Multi Theme
Probably Live Auction Item

Red Wall Hanging
16 Blocks, Bright Colors
"Day of the Dead"
Do you LOVE Halloween?

Probably Online Donations

LIVE Auction

Live Auction: Friday Night about 9pm.

Old, New, Fashionable (Oh the memories!), Collectible, FUN!


And my bid is _____!


Many AMAZING items will be available for both auctions.

ENJOY the bidding!



SILENT Auction
Donationas accepted-Anything tatters and crafters might like.
Do you have too many of one color thread? 2 copies of the same book? Or too many shuttles or needles? (Probably not possible!)

Make up a basket or just bring the items and we will make a collection.
Do you make jewelry or lanyards/eyeglasses chains? Donate one if you want.

BRING to Tat Days or ship to Donna T. (write for address). LOVE to post pictures online to add excitement so send them to Donna.


We will need volunteers to watch the Silent Auction (to keep us all playing fairly! ) for an hour or so, each day.

Some of our KNOTS are probably willing to help watch it. Write Donna at tatdays@palmettotatters.org if you would like to help with this endeavor. THANKS!


Pattern CD
A CD (or USB or SD card) with all of the patterns from Tat Days will be available through registration for attendees of Tat Days or purchased in vending for $12. For all those not attending Tat Days, please be patient with us. We will get the link for this CD on the website as quickly as possible after Tat Days. The cost then will be $16 or $18 plus postage.






Lisa Adams of Tatting Corner (www.tattingcorner.com) will be our Key Vendor this year! We always look forward to our wonderful vending room with items from our Key Vendor, our teachers and and few other favorites!

Pre-order code PTG2019 is active at Tatting Corner. This code will allow you to preorder items at a 10% discount, pay no shipping, and have the items delivered to you at Palmetto Tat Days this September. And you can use it more than once! :) It does expire August 30, 2019.

Other Vendors: Many teachers (present and past) will have tables with their own unique items including their books to SIGN! And the PTG will have items, too.