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  17th Annual Tat Days 2019



(Costs, Scholarhip Application, Lodging, Meals, Extras, Cancellation Policy, Roommates)


Registration online is will open around June 8th.


Info about registration: Check List.


See who is coming. Are you?


we all gather together again!


Early Online Registration for classes: Friday=$45, Saturday=$45, Friday AND Saturday=$85

Late Registration Fees (after August 10th and at Tat Days): Friday=$50, Saturday=$50, Friday AND Saturday=$90

Online Registration closes on August 10 and we will prepare class packets and many other items for Tat Days on August 18 which means early registrations and payments really help us out. Thanks.


Lodging: 3 nights + 7 meals will be <%=FormatCurrency(FeeRoom3NightDouble)%> $265 per person in a double room. (Up a little.) ($335 for a single person room.)
2 nights + 5 meals double room per person = $180. Single = $225.
1 night + 2 meals double room per person = $85. Single = $110.
Banquet =$18 ($17.17 is our cost from Toccoa and we have a few that eat free-teachers and special guests.)

Extra Meals=$9.25 each

Optional FUN stuff: Class Kits.
Pattern CD, USB or Micro SD Card at Tat Days=$12. (After Tat Days, $15 to $18+S&H.)
In vending you will find a few PTG Polo Shirts=$25 and PTG Denim Shirts=$25.

Bring extra funds for Shopping, Silent Auction, and Friday Night Live Auction. The auctions will benefit our Scholarship Fund and the Guild's General Fund to make our Tat Days and State Fair happen, along with a few monthly expenses which include beginner tatter supplies.


Scholarship Application will be HERE. DUE August 1st.
Here is the application as a DOC and PDF or Google Doc. (For Google, Make a Copy so you can type on it. Then Share the View link back to Scholarship@palmettotatters.org or Download as a PDF and email the PDF file.) (For the PDF, Print, complete it, Scan and send or take pictures and email the pictures.)
Note: You may wish to go ahead and register for your classes and wait to pay while waiting to hear back from the scholarship committee. That way you have a better chance of getting your first choice for your classes.
The completed and signed application with essay attached, will be submitted to the PTG Tat Days Scholarship Committee - by mail to PO Box 1597, Lexington, SC 29071 USA, or by email to scholarship@palmettotatters.org.
The application must be received by August 1 in the Guild’s post office box or email address.


Commuter Fee

Costs are the same as last year except the Commuter Fee. It will be $27 per day. Most choose to stay on campus and the commuter fee is included in their room costs. If an individual chooses to stay off-campus, and that is perfectly fine, then the Center charges us $26.38 + tax per commuter per day. We are not able to absorb this cost so we must pass it on. Thank you for understanding.


462 Sonrise Way Toccoa, GA  30577-Georgia Baptist Conference Center
This address does work at maps.google.com and with your phone's GPS. Or you can go to their website at http://mytoccoa.com/home and click on the Driving Directions link. If your GPS does not recognize this address, just get to Toccoa, GA. Once you get to Toccoa, you should be able to ask anyone in town and they should be able to point you in the correct direction. There are signs for it. This Center has been there for over 50 years. If you get lost, call the conference center at 706-886-3133 or call Donna at 803-338-1384. Put these numbers in your cell phone now.

Pictures of Location

There are simple hotel accommodations in Griffith Hotel with meals included (most choose this), camping or off campus hotels. See the pictures link above for the hotel on campus and classrooms.


Camping at the conference center is available-tent or RV. $21 (2014 cost) for the camp site and facilities (showers, restrooms, hook-up). $9.25 per meal if eating in the cafeteria. Call the Georgia Baptist Convention Center at 706-886-3133 to sign-up for a spot and pay the $21 for the camping spot to Toccoa. They will ask for arrival and departure dates, number of people and tell them you are with the Palmetto Tatters. You DO NEED to register to attend Tat Days and pay for any meals (optional). Thanks!


A possible place to stay off campus: (I have not stayed there but heard the B&B is very nice. Check http://www.tripadvisor.com.)

Simmons-Bond Inn, a Bed and Breakfast
130 Tugalo Street West, Toccoa, GA 30577
Local Phone: 706-282-5183, Toll Free: 877-658-0746
Fax: 866-862-7627


There are also a few hotels about 20 minutes away near the I-85.


Cancellation policy
All cancellations must be in writing, either by email to Teresa at registrar@palmettotatters.org, or mailed to the Palmetto Tatting Guild,  PO Box 1597, Lexington, SC  29071. To receive a full refund, a cancellation must be received on or before August 4. For cancellation notices received from August 5 through September 1, all paid fees, excluding half of the registration fee, will be refunded. After Sep 1, refunds will depend on charges from conference center. Commemorative items, tee-shirt, pattern CD and class kits are not refundable. These items will be mailed following the conclusion of Tat Days.