18th Annual Tat Days 2020, September 3-6

"Knotting Knots - The Chain of Tatting Friends Around the World"
by Anita Barry, February 2020.
Full design by Paige Deputy. THANK YOU!




On Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the tatting display or silent auction items, you may leave any class early. Thank you.

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Anita Barry (Virginia)
Anitra Stone (North Carolina)
Arlene Medder (North Carolina)
Bonnie Swank (Virginia)
Erin Holloway Moseley (Tennessee)
Kaye Judt (Indiana)

Lorena Finnerty (North Carolina)
Martha Ess (North Carolina)
Melissa Deputy (North Carolina)

Mike Lyon (Alabama)
Paige Deputy (North Carolina)
Pam Freck (South Carolina)
Phyllis Schmidt (Georgia)
Richard Embrey (Virginia)
Sharon Fawns (Kentucky)
Shawna Wachs (Kentucky)
Victoria Ong (Illinois)



** Biographies are updated for 2020. (Last updated July 11, 2020-added Lorena.)

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Anita Barry (Virginia) **


email: anita.bothyfarm@comcast.net

Hello! I’m a tatter in Virginia. I’ve been tatting 25 years. Wow! A quarter of a century! How time flies with shuttles in hand! I enjoy tatting all types of patterns, from simple to complex. Plus, I create my own patterns. I tat with every shuttle I own. Old, oddly shaped or just-out-of-the-package new, I like them all!


This year I have three extra-special delights. First, I helped coordinate the local lace guild, the Piedmont Lace Guild of Virginia, with the county museum for an inspiring lace exhibit that attracted so many folks the museum extended the exhibit two months! Plus, to the delight of many, the museum hosted lace-making classes! Yes! Indeed!


Secondly, I finished the Tatters Across Time Proficiency Program’s Phase III – Master level. Yippee!


Third, I am thrilled to teach at Palmetto Tat Days! Whoop-Whoop!!! Tat Days is hands-down the most terrific place to share the joy of tatting with others!

Anitra Stone (North Carolina) **


email: madtatter@aol.com


Sticker shock over the price of wedding veils sent me running to my mother, “Teach me how to tat so I can make the lace for my wedding veil!” So my love affair with shuttle and thread has been going strong since 1980, even if the marriage didn’t.


I’ve been teaching tatting since 1981; sometimes on an individual basis, occasionally through Wake Technical Community College, and through the Pines of Carolina Girl Scouts Spring Leader conferences for about 10 years. I’ve also taught at Tat Days in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015 and I had a blast each time!


I’ve been published on the Tat Days CDs, the August 1989 issue of “The Workbasket Magazine” (‘Captain’s Wheel’), in the April 2012 issue of Norway’s “Skytteltrafikk” magazine (‘Ruby Throated Hummingbird’ and ‘Eurasian Bullfinch’), and in the January – March 2015 issue of the Netherland’s “De Frivolite(k)ring” magazine (Ruby Throated Hummingbird). I must confess – the Captain’s Wheel pattern was before I knew how to do split rings, so if I were to do it now, the pattern would read much differently! I’ve got quite a few originals which I hope to turn into a book someday, but at the rate I’m going, they’ll all be on Tat Days CDs first!


I’ve won 7 ribbons at the NC State Fair over the years, although I haven’t made anything for competition in several years. I’ve been a member of the NC State Fair’s “Village of Yesteryear” since 1999 and have won 2 ribbons for my booth. In 2007, I was named Female Craftsman of the Year, which is a huge honor because only your fellow Village members vote.


Tatting has become my solace and my obsession! I really look forward to attending Tat Days because it’s a great way to network and make new friends, as well as gain inspiration & new ideas. If I just had the time to make all of the things floating around in my head…
Website: http://www.anitrastone.com/ and http://www.villageofyesteryear.com/locate-us/craftsmen-by-craft/tatting---anitra-stone.html

Arlene Medder (North Carolina) **


email: sewicked@gmail.com

I learned to tat in college, as a creative outlet more suitable to the space constraints of a dorm room. I continue to tat to fidget, to fill time creatively, and for beauty. I have done demos for years, and helped teach others to tat. I've won ribbons for pieces in the NC State Fair, from honorable mention to first place. I hope to live up to my title of Empress and remember to bring my tiara.

Bonnie Swank (Virginia) **


email: swankmb@verizon.net


And Kylie

I taught myself to tat from Barbara Fosters Needle Tatting Books 1 & 2 that my mother-in-law bought me at a church rummage sale.  I had never heard of tatting before but it soon became my obsession!   My aunt told me that my grandmother used to tat and I mourned the years I could have been knotting lace with her! In addition to needle tatting I am proficient at shuttle tatting, teneriffe lace, netted lace and am currently learning bobbin lace - but needle tatting remains my true love! 


I teach and/or demonstrate tatting at local yarn stores, our senior center, civil war/living history events (in costume using period shuttles of course), the county fair, libraries, museums, elementary schools, and even at the Smithsonian Museum of American History!  One of the true joys of my life has been meeting Nina Libin at Tat Days and being blessed in test tatting and working with her in bringing her true vision of BEANILE lace to needle tatters, for which she graciously gave me coauthor credit for Lace of Beads #21 Essential Bead Tatting Part III-2/Symmetrical Beaded Split Rings and Lace of Beads #24 Advanced Bead Tatting -11a Beaded Maltese Rings. 


I am a member of the Piedmont Lace Guild of VA, the Chesapeake Region Lace Guild, and IOLI.   I am currently working on the Apprentice -Phase I of the Tatters Across Time Proficiency Program (YES, they will accept a needle tatted entry!).


And Kylie submitted her first class, the All Reading Bookmark!

Erin Holloway Moseley (Tennessee) **


email: tataconic@bellsouth.net

I was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I’ve had a love affair with thread and yarn my entire life. I’ve left behind a trail of thread crumbs and yarnage measuring in the miles by now.  Granny taught me to crochet when I was wee little, then I picked up embroidery and knitting. The Real Craft Renaissance began when I discovered the “how-to” book section in the library when I was about 9 years old. Oh, my poor parents, how they suffered.

I taught myself to tat from the Coats and Clark Learn How Book Granny gave me when I was eleven. I was the lone tatting survivor preserving the ancient lost art of tatting for the rest of mankind until I met up with the internet tatting community around 1998 or 1999. I had my first face-to-face meeting with a tatter in 2001.  My, how my skills have grown since then.  Now in retirement I’m loving that I have more time to design and play with techniques – some new and some old. 

I have attended all but the very first Palmetto Tat Days and have had the honor of being an aide and teacher at several of the events.  Every year I have the good fortune to reconnect with dear friends, as well as make new ones.  Tat Days is truly one of the highlights I anticipate every year

Kaye Judt (Indiana) **

email: kayejudt@gmail.com
website: kayejudt.com

Intrigued by stationary with tatted motifs, I learned to shuttle tat in the early 1990’s. Shortly after that my mother and I took a class in needle tatting through the Smocking Arts Guild of America.


I have published five books on tatting: Oh My Stars!, Motifs for Marie, A Little O’ This A Little O’ Tat, Treasures in Tatting, and More of This and Tat. Since the early 1990's I have taught many times for the Tatting Day at the Tatting Corner (IN), Finger Lakes (NY) Tatting Days, Palmetto Tatters Guild (SC) Tat Days, and Fringe Element Tatting Days in Canada. I have also been able to teach tatting and other needle arts at The Lacemaker (OH), Lacis (CA), Anderson (IN) University Continuing Education, and the Benjamin Harrison House in Indianapolis, IN. I am a Trained Sewing Instructor with the Sewing and Crafts Alliance and have my Teaching Certification with the National Association of Needlework.

Lorena Finnerty (North Carolina) **


email: nctatter@gmail.com

WOW! What an honor to be teaching one of Martha’s patterns. Thank you for this opportunity Martha and Palmetto Tat Days (PTD) Committee.  You will be missed Martha!  
Thirty Eight years ago I learned to tat from my Mom’s penpal in England while riding on the London Underground.  I was 17 years old.      
I am a shuttle tatter with knowledge of needle tatting via Jiffy Needle Tatting (1982).  I like to make Cross Bookmarks as gifts. I have made 228 over the years and I still don’t have one for myself!!  I also knit, crochet, and sew but shuttle tatting is my favorite.     
I have attended all Palmetto Tat Days except 2008 (ask me why).      
This is the first time I am teaching at PTD but I have taught for three years (Nina Libin’s patterns) at Hector/Finger Lakes Tat Days in New York.    
I live on the coast of NC, been married to Pat for 22 years, and we have a beautiful daughter, Kayla, in AL in Ministry/Missions.  Christi (cat) is our at-home daughter and we have a Grand-Fur-Baby in AL named Harvest Jerusalem. 
This is a different time we are living in but our theme is a perfect reminder that God is in control.

Martha Ess (North Carolina) **


email: essm@bellsouth.net

I have always been interested in many forms of needle work, and while growing up I learned as many as I could -- crochet, knitting, embroidery, etc., but I had never even heard of tatting until 1976.   Armed with two library books and some supplies from Woolworths, I managed to learn how. It was fun and different.  I carried shuttles with me everywhere that summer. 


As years went by, I would tat off and on, alternating it with my other crafts.  There was not a wide variety of patterns available to me then, so I began to make up my own, and early on sold two patterns to Workbasket.  Since then, I have self published 10 tatting pattern books: New Critters on the Block, Tat’s Amoré, Holidays on the Block, Tea is for Tatting, More Critters on the Block, Playing with Picots, Flights of Fantasy¸ A Flight of Angels, Toys for Tatting, and Button Jar Tatting.   


I have been honored to have been chosen to teach many times at Palmetto TatDays, and also at the Finger Lakes Tatting Convention (Hector, NY) and the Fringe Element Tat Days (Cambridge, ON).

Melissa Deputy (North Carolina) **


email: megdeputy@gmail.com


I became interested in tatting in Indiana after seeing tatting for sale in a senior center display case.  I was lucky enough to find a tatting class teaching needle tatting (which I didn’t know existed).  I was lucky enough that my daughter Paige was interested and I taught her a little bit.  She got online and went crazy with making connections, one of which was Martha Ess who recommended Sue Miller, who then taught us to shuttle tat. 


I’ve been tatting since 2009. I have taught in the past, both individually and through our local arts center. I maintain a website so we have somewhere to send people who want to learn to tat for information.  I’m setting up a new class through our public library. http://tiptopwebsite.com/tattingdeputytatters

Mike Lyon (Alabama) **

email: Mike.lyon@comcast.net

I am a retired rocket scientist (really!) and now spend my time tatting original designs and teaching Scottish bagpipes. 


My tatting journey to this point is somewhat out of the ordinary, a combination of coincidence and heredity.  When I was about 6 years old, my mother – a “sometimes” tatter – gave me one or two lessons on how to hold a shuttle and make a basic ring.  Like any 6-year old boy, tatting was not a primary interest, and so even the thought of tatting lay dormant for some 60 years.  In December of 2015, I received a phone call from my niece who said that she had come across one of my mother’s old tatting shuttles and wanted to know if I wanted it.  When the shuttle arrived, my curiosity was piqued – could I still remember how to make a ring?  The answer was “no”, but with the help of the internet, I was able to recapture the lesson from decades before. 

After tatting a dozen or so “conventional” doilies and ditties, I began to design my own.. In the past 4 years, I published “Celtic Tatting Designs” in 2011 and “Lagniappe” – a 37 inch doily with a unique weaving pattern in 2019 (see the Facebook group “tatting Lagniappe”).  I am currently test-tatting my latest creation, “Circulus Vitae,” a 30 inch doily that will be available in 2020.  I am also the creator of “Mike’s Laws of Tatting" – a compendium of lessons learned during my journey.

I live in Huntsville, Alabama with my wife, Caroline.  We have 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

Paige Deputy (North Carolina) **


email: paigedeputy@gmail.com

I was always interested in the arts, from ceramics to music, to fiber arts. After moving to NC and taking a class on weaving, I discovered tatting from my mother who was learning it at the senior center. I have been tatting for 10 years now and learned how to shuttle tat 9 years ago from Sue Miller.


This is my fifth year teaching at Tat Days. Outside of tatting, I have a degree in Interior Design and am currently employed at an embroidery shop. I also have a book published of original tatting patterns.

Pam Freck (South Carolina) **


email: pamfreck@gmail.com


I have loved tatting all my life. I was taught to tat at age twelve by my grandmother, Metta Mildred Gardner Dickens, from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and the coal mines of West Virginia. I have continued to “keep the art alive” for way over 50 years.


Although I originally learned to tat left-handed, in 2006 I learned to tat right-handed, so I could more easily help teach new tatters. Teaching and sharing tatting is one of my greatest joys. I even taught hubby Jerry to tat in 2013 even though he prefers macramé cord to tatting thread.


I am a slow tatter and even slower when tatting right handed. I have found that tatting with ribbons, and teaching others to use ribbons, is “just the ticket” for me- it is slow and methodical.


Since I never finished my first book “Tatting for Left-Handed Dinosaurs like Me,” I decided to go ahead and finish and publish “Ribbon Tatting” in 2015.


I have worn many hats at Tat Days including coffee maker, Banquet, teacher’s aide, test tatter and teacher several times. I have won the logo design twice: "Tatting in a Winter Wonderland" and “Not My Grandmother’s Tatting.”


My husband Jerry and I live in hot South Carolina and have raised our children there. Now all three of them (Chris, Kyle, Sr. and Kristina) live nearby. Our grandchildren stretch from North Carolina to South Carolina to Florida and this last year we were blessed with a beautiful great grandchild who is in North Carolina.

Phyllis Schmidt (Georgia) **


email: temp20003@yahoo.com


I learned basic tatting from my Grandmother years ago. 
After an absence, I was introduced back into the tatting world in 2011.  My ability and knowledge with new techniques and tips from the many teachers, blogs, online classes and Facebook groups has been greatly expanded. 
I have attended the last seven Tat Days with my first year teaching in 2015.
Evenings are used for tatting to relax and keep my mind alert and fingers nimble. 
Tatting is carried with me so when I have down time, I am ready to tat.  Small motifs are carried with me so I can give them away to children and/or adults who are interested in this craft.

My blog is:  http://phyls-handwork.blogspot.com

D. Richard Embrey (Virginia) **


email: Faerlic@gmail.com

I reside in Casanova, located in the beautiful Piedmont region of Virginia.

I have been shuttle tatting since 2010, when a friend at work suggested we learn shuttle tatting. I enjoy learning new things so learn I did, from YouTube. I enjoy making snowflakes and trims. I have learned a great deal since joining the Piedmont Lace Guild in January 2015, including the mysterious pearl tatting I had seen online in an old Mlle Reigo publication. I am truly thankful for all the help and encouragement my friends at the Piedmont Lace Guild have given me. I have taught classes at Tat Days 2016 and 2019. I had a wonderful time both years!

Please join us for Chat n’ Tat on the last Sunday of the month from January until November. Please stop by The Purple Pumpkin and say hello if you find yourself in Warrenton, VA.

Sharon Fawns (Kentucky) **


email: stitchingsharon@hughes.net

About 20 years ago, I saw a Learn to Tat class at a local (70 miles away) yarn shop. I had always wanted to learn to tat, but did I want to do all that driving. My sweet husband told me if I wanted to learn, I should go, drive down early, do some shopping, have dinner and take the class. I drove, attended and learned to make rings and chains and picots and joins. A few years later, I discovered the on-line tatting community and learned there is a lot more to tatting than the basics things from that first class. In 2009 I attended my first Palmetto Tat Days. I have done test tatting and teaching assisting at Palmetto Tat Days. I am still learning new things in tatting. In 2019, I ventured into teaching tatting; it has been a great learning experience and I hope to share my skills with others.

Shawna Wachs (Kentucky) **


email: sanddcreates@gmail.com

I started tatting about 25 years ago mostly as a self-taught tatter.  Since then, I’ve enjoyed many learning experiences.  I once took a class where I was the only student.  My Tat Days instructors have helped me tremendously and tatting is now my official favorite pastime. 

I have been honored and have enjoyed the opportunity to teach at Tat Days for the last several years. I also had the wonderful opportunity to teach at the Finger Lakes Tatting Conference twice.  I enjoy entering items in the local County Fair and State Fair and have won many ribbons over the years.

Married for over 30 years, 3 children, two granddaughters and one grandson.  Besides tatting I enjoy quilting, sewing and some scrapbooking.  I have a degree in Data Processing, substitute teach for special education classes, help with a Special Olympics swim team, and in my spare time I am a stay-at-home Mom.

I have attended 14 Tat Days events, and love being here and rubbing shoulders with such wonderfully talented and friendly people.

Victoria Ong (Illinois) **


email: flowersinthreads@gmail.com

I have been obsessed with the development of new patterns and techniques for Turkish needle lace since I first saw it in 2016. My main focus is on geometric lace edgings and flowers.
My interest in cartooning combined with technical illustration background made it possible for me to create detailed visual illustrations and instructions for my books.

I am currently working on the last book to complete my trilogy of books on edgings and flowers. The first two books focused on floral patterns and cords for jewelry. My last book will put more emphasis on edgings with an expected publication in late 2020.

I am a member of the International Organization of Lace (IOLI) and teach around the United States via invitation from lace guild organizers.

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On Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the silent auction items, you may leave any class early.