18th Annual Tat Days 2020, September 3-6

"Knotting Knots - The Chain of Tatting Friends Around the World"
by Anita Barry, February 2020.
Full design by Paige Deputy. THANK YOU!


Weekend Schedule (Updated August 18, 2020 - "Gather" some Sunshine during Breaks!)


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2020 Tat Days Schedule

Thursday, September 3 - Let the tatting begin!

Lunch Time

Possible picnic down by the lake before check-in and unloading. BYOBB-Bring Your Own Bag and Beverage.

2:00 – 5:00

PLEASE - Teachers first (let them go to the front of the line) and then everyone else.

Everyone: Settle in, renew friendships, maybe a few games and/or puzzles and small prizes.

4:00 – 5:00

Teachers and Aides Orientation

4:00 –11:00

LIMITING people in veding. You know why.

VENDING OPEN!!!!!! Shop 'till you drop. smile May close for supper.

In Classrooms 5, 6 & 7 , pickup Welcome Bags (Tatters) and KNOTS (Kind Network of Tatting Supporters) Bags and your pre-ordered and pre-paid items like pattern CDs and Class Kits and Convention Kits to prepare for classes.

5:00 Supper (Family Style-Not buffet in 2020.)

6:00 – 9:00

Registration/Check-in. Do your best to arrive before 9:00pm but if you are going to be after 9, please call ahead and text so we can be sure to have your room key available. Donna 803-338-1384 and other numbers here.

6:00 7:00 CLASSES Make a Celtic shuttle and Dye Threads. (Pre-order thread kits when registering.)

6:00 – until the last one turns out the lights. If after 11, please go quietly to your rooms since others may already be asleep. smile

Catch up with old friends. Make new friends. Prepare for your classes.
Get a snack. (You have only just begun eating this weekend!)

Silent Auction: Take donations to Silent Auction Room. Thank you! Set out your Tatting Display items.

Friday, September 4 - FUN filled day!


RISE AND SHINE! Breakfast is served! Smile-Wink

8:00am – 6:30pm


"GATHER" some SUNSHINE during Breaks!

Vending Open (closed during meals)
In vending, get your Early Bird class kit for Saturday morning's Rainbow Doodle with Pam, if you did not pre-order.

8:30am – 6:30pm


Be courteous to all and mindful of distances and others preferences. Thank you!

Gathering Room

Registration/Check-In (closed during meals)


Friendly Competition - Tatting Display

Bring tatted pieces for Tatting Display to Gathering Room.
3 categories:"Best in Show," "Best in Theme," "Most Creative."

Please be considerate of others' tatting by trying not to handle it. (If you do not wish for folks to touch your work, you may not want to display it.)
Take a pre-numbered tie on tag to label your work with your name on back side and number on top. Your name will be hidden until the end of the competition. (No peeking!)
You will be responsible for your tatting. Pick-up Saturday evening.
Vote between 1:00 today (Friday) and 10:45 Saturday morning. Winners announced Saturday after lunch. Voting slips in folder or KNOTS bag.


Silent Auction: Take pieces to the Silent Auction room.

9:00 - 10:00 Gathering Room CLASS for Everyone. Dimpled Doodles by Martha.

10:30 – 12:00

Class sizes limted to 8 + Teacher

Classes Session 1 CLASS SCHEDULE and Class Project Pictures


Lunch (You may linger but be courteous and put up your tray. THANKS.)


Friendly Competitions BEGIN - Tatting Display and Silent Auction Bidding.

1:30 – 3:00  

Classes Session 2 CLASS SCHEDULE and Class Project Pictures


Break – Shop, get a snack or take a power nap!
Silent Auction OPEN! All proceeds go to our Scholarship Fund. Bid with your number (not your name). Check in Silent Auction for your secret number.

4:00 – 5:30

Classes Session 3 CLASS SCHEDULE and Class Project Pictures

5:30-6:30 Vending
Gathering Room - Vote for Tatting Display pieces.
Catch up with old friends. Make new friends.
Work on that days' projects. Prepare for Saturday's classes.

Visit the Silent Auction.
Dress for Banquet (some dress-up).

7:00 –8:30

Banquet (Some will dress-up for this event.)  Menu
Great food, Recognitions and more Fun.

Online Scholarship Donation Winners Drawings!


10:00 – until the last one turns out the lights. If after 11, please go quietly to your rooms since others may already be asleep. smile

Gathering Room, classrooms and lounge areas.

Saturday, September 7 - Rise and Shine

6:30 –7:45

Gathering Room Early Bird class for all. Rainbow Doodle with Pam. (Pre-order kit through registration. A few available in vending on Friday.)


Breakfast-Rise and Shine if you can! Smile-Wink

8:00 – 7:00

"GATHER" some SUNSHINE during Breaks!

Vending open. Closed during meals.

8:30 - 10:45


Limiting people in Silent Auction at one time. Thank you.

Silent Auction: Check on your bids! ENJOY some FUN and FRIENDLY competition on your favorite items. smile Bids close at 10:45 SHARP!
Tatting Display: Complete your voting by 11:00..
Winners announced after lunch.

8:30 – 10:00


9:00 – 10:30

Classes Session 4 CLASS SCHEDULE and Class Project Pictures


Nature Trail and Free Time

- Nature Trail with Doug

- Classrooms and sitting areas on each floor for relaxing and fellowship. (Be nice if other groups already there.)
- Visit, shop, finish projects, prepare for next class, work on one of the free patterns found in Welcome Bags or in your program booklet.



1:00 – 2:30

Classes Session 5 CLASS SCHEDULE and Class Project Pictures

2:30 Break. Visit Silent Auction to see what you won! Pay for items in Vending. Then collect them at the Silent Auction room. Collect all items before 7:00.

3:30 – 5:00

Classes Session 6 CLASS SCHEDULE and Class Project Pictures

By 5:00 Complete Evaluations - Be sure your evaluation is completed and turned-in and drop your name in the drawing box! THANKS!
5:05 Grand Prize Drawing (Hang-out to SEE IF YOU WIN!)



After supper until 7:00 Vending for last minute shopping and complete Silent Auction payments.
If you have a bag of wonderful goodies on hold in vending, be sure you have paid and collected it!
7:00 – until someone turns out the lights.  

Fellowship. Finish projects. Enjoy!
Be sure you collected all of your Tatting Display items.
Sleep? What's that!

Sunday, September 8 - "Until Next Year..."


Breakfast - If visiting, be sure to take your trays when finished eating.
The workers want to get cleaned up and off to church. THANKS!

8:30 – 10:00

Good-Bye!  SAFE Travels!
All participants must be checked out of rooms by
10:00. All linens and towels need to be made ready for cleaning service. (Instructions in your room.) Please remember to turn in your room key in the box on the 3rd floor desk on your way out. (You do not have to leave the building by 10:00 but you do need to be out of your room.)

Monday, September 7 - TAT SOME MORE! WHY NOT?

SEE YOU NEXT YEAR (Dates may change, too.)

2021 Tat Days Dates: September 9-12, 2021, Location: TBA, USA 

2022 Tat Days 20th Anniversary Dates: September 8-11, 2022, Location: TBA, USA

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