18th Annual Tat Days 2020, September 3-6

"Knotting Knots - The Chain of Tatting Friends Around the World"
by Anita Barry, February 2020.
Full design by Paige Deputy. THANK YOU!


TAT DAYS HOME (Updated, Oct 7, 2020 - Information Letter, Online Auction, VENDING Pre-Order Code, and Commemorative Shuttles.

(NEWS FLASH, Volunteers, Vendors, Planning, Weekend Schedule, Facebook, 2021 & 2022 Dates, What is Tat Days?)


We are EXCITED about new possibilities! Thank you for your patience as the details are worked out.

NEW LOCATION, Lake Junaluska, NC. (Toccoa location is being sold.)

Dates: August 26-29, 2021

CALL for Teachers

Teacher Application - DUE December 1, 2020 (Other formats for Application: PDF    RTF 



WATCH for LOGO Design requests.

Teacher Contracts go out in January.

Classes and Schedule posted in February.

A few new policies at the new place.

Cost will go up 1/4 to 1/3. Specifics soon.

Registration April through July 10. NO late registrations. (Except daily commuters that bring their own meals.)

PAID in FULL by July 10. NO refunds. (PTG must pay in FULL BEFORE the event.)


2020 Tat Days Pattern Collection NOW AVAILABLE!
(2020 SUPPLY KITS HERE from Tatting Corner)


FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK at https://www.facebook.com/palmetto.guild.


2018 Tat Days Pictures are HERE!

2017 Tat Days PICTURES are HERE!
(One day there will be pictures from 2019 and 2020!)


We are currently in a "DONE" and "HEALTHY" status.

NO ONE became ill after attending our event. YEAH!

Palmetto Tatters Guild COVID-19 Impact Statement for Tat Days 2020
Due to the impact of COVID-19, Palmetto Tatters Guild recognizes these extraordinary circumstances
and wants you to know that your safety and well-being are important to the Guild.
We are currently planning to hold our 18th annual Tat Days over Labor Day weekend, September 3-6, 2020.
Read our entire statement here.

THANKS for the GREAT response for 2020 teachers and logos.



Anita Barry (Virginia)
Anitra Stone (North Carolina)
Arlene Medder (North Carolina)
Bonnie Swank (Virginia) & Kylie
Erin Holloway Moseley (Tennessee)
Kaye Judt (Indiana)

Lorena Finnerty (North Carolina)
Martha Ess (North Carolina)
Melissa Deputy (North Carolina)

Mike Lyon (Alabama)
Paige Deputy (North Carolina)
Pam Freck (South Carolina)
Phyllis Schmidt (Georgia)
Richard Embrey (Virginia)
Sharon Fawns (Kentucky)
Shawna Wachs (Kentucky)
Victoria Ong (Illinois)


NEWS FLASH 2020 (updated August 18, 2020)




YES! Tat Days is ON!

GENERAL INFORMATION Updated Letter for 2020


Online Silent Auction and LIVE Friday evening Auction

Pet Projects Fundraiser - FUN, CREATIVE projects made specifically with tatters in mind. (May be tatted or not!)


And MORE FUN-collectibles, wearables, tools and more-at the Live Auction Friday evening!





What is Tat Days? Laughter, Concentration, Shopping, Friends, and Fun! See below.


Vending-Special from Lisa - Pre-Order Convention Kits and supplies. All pre-orders get a 5% Discount & No shipping with pickup at Tat Days.
CODE PTG2020. See More.


Face Masks and Shields: (Added July 22) We will be providing face masks and shields to each attendee.

Face Shield is 3D printed and donated. It is made to be almost 2" away from face. Adjustable elastic goes around the back. Optional bottom piece will keep the plastic curved for best coverage.

PTG will do as the GA Baptist Conf. Center "Toccoa" and the State of GA's guidelines tell us. As of today, neither is requiring masks or face shields.
PTG may "recommend" at least one be worn at Tat Days.
PTG asks that all be considerate of others and their distance preferences. Thank you!

Note: Class sizes will be 8 + Teacher. 

Silent Auction? What nice item(s) will you bring?
And my bid is _________ and my other bid is ________ and my other bid is _______ and ...........


NEEDED: We always LOVE getting butterflies and other small tats (bugs and animals are loved by all!) for our SC State Fair sharing of small tats in October each year (not in 2020). Leave a TAIL for a necklace; no need to hide ends.

IF you can help, please send to Palmetto Tatters Guild, P.O. Box 1597, Lexington, SC 29071 or bring to Tat Days. THANK YOU!!!!!!


Commemorative Shuttles-YES
1) Rita of Shuttle By Design. $25 in vending.


2) Shawna will have a flat maple wood shuttle with this year's logo! Just $15 in vending and after Tat Days if any left.


TShirts-Thank you for pre-ordering. Questions? write Teresa at PTG.Vending@gmail.com.



36+ Classes in one weekend! What will YOU choose?


See who is coming.


Class Project Teaser Pictures Only


Class Grid Schedule


Class Project Pictures


If you need to cancel, and we hope you do not, read full cancellation policy here and email Teresa at registrar@palmettotatters.org.

Welcome "Goodie" Bags have arrived!

MANY donations received to FILL the bags!

And there will be bags for our KNOTS (Kind Network of Tatting Supporters)!

In the Welcome Bags will be an Antimicrobial Tool-door pull and stylus, a hands free option.



NEW in 2020: CHECK-IN on 3rd Floor. Pick-up Face Mask and Face Shields and many more GOODIES!

Get settled in, ENJOY meeting up with old friends and making NEW friends!

Also, you might want to prep for your classes, especially after you pick up your kits.

Take a walk down to the lake to stretch your "car" legs and soak up some SUNSHINE + Vitamin D.


Collect your pre-paid items and bags in rooms 5, 6 & 7.

Vending may OPEN as early as 4:00.

Making Shuttles and Dying threads at 6:00.


Vendors: We will have Lisa again from Tatting Corner, many of our teachers will have tables with their own unique items and the PTG will have a few items like past Tat Days Pattern CDs.

Quesions about vending can be directed to Teresa at registrar@palmettotatters.org.



Lisa, our Key Vendor, is VERY EXCITED about our Tat Days! PTG2020 - This code will allow you to preorder items at a 5% discount, pay no shipping, and have the items delivered to you at Palmetto Tat Days this September. Deadline for pre-orders is August 21.
And you can use the code more than once!


Also, Lisa is offering Convention Kits, pre-packaged supplies for classes. 4 kit options. See More Here at Tatting Corner. If teachers have kits, she will not be duplicating any of their supplies. Lisa is working very hard to help us manage a SAFE shopping experience! Look at Tatting Corner for which kits cover which classes. And when you purchase the PTG 2020 Tat Days Pattern Collection, you will already have the supplies you need for your favorite patterns. Even classes you WANTED to take but could not schedule. COOL!

Follow Tatting Corner on Facebook for more EXCITEMENT!


AFTER Tat Days, there will be a Convention Kits available for purchase when purchasing the Tat Days 2020 Pattern Collection.

Volunteers - What will you volunteer to do? What small job would you like?
Write tatdays@palmettotatters.org

For 2021: Welcome “Goodie” Bags Coordinator, KNOTS Bags, Banquet Decorations, Banquet Favors, Kitchen Snacks Coordinator, Teacher Gifts, Teacher Aide Gifts, Former Teacher Gifts (taken), and GRAND PRIZE!



1) To come in Thursday the 3rd and stay through Sunday AM. Classes Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday.

2) NO Lunch served on Thursday. BRING YOUR OWN. No plans to go out in 2020.

3) Banquet Friday evening: Some dress-up for this event. Maybe bright colors to go along with our theme of "Tatting the Rainbow?"

4) Save your change each week! Fees for 2019: Registration ($85), Room (3 nights double-occupancy) + 7 Meals ($268/per person), Banquet ($18), Extra meals $9.25, Online Donations, Silent Auction, Live Auction, and Vending.

5) Tat a unique lanyard, if you want!

6) Find your name badge holder from previous years, if you have one, and put it in your suitcase. :-) [We will have extras.]

7) In 2020: Everyone will get a PTG 16oz cup. Be sure to put on the provided name label.


8) ADD the "emergency" numbers to your phone AND SHARE with your family. And if arriving after 9:00pm, you can text us so we know you are on your way. Thanks!

9) We are a "no scent" event. PLEASE refrain. Many are allergic. Thank you for your understanding!

10) In 2020, be ready to wash hands often. We will also have hand sanitizer in many locations.

11) READ General Information Letter for 2020.


Weekend Schedule (Complete August 5)

Emptying shuttles? Make butterflies, animals, spiders, owls, flowers, etc., and bring to Tat Days for our SC State Fair BIG sharing of tatting bits in October. No string attached or long strings for necklaces are both much appreciated. THANKS!


NOTE: Costs for room+meals went up $3 per day. Details here.

Commuter Fee will be $27.
Most choose to stay on campus and the commuter fee is included in their room costs. If an individual chooses to stay off-campus, and that is perfectly fine, then the Center charges us $26.38 + tax per commuter per day. We are not able to absorb this cost so we must pass it on. Thank you for understanding.


Tat Days 2021 Dates = September 9-12, 2021


Tat Days 2022 = September 8-11, 2022 - 20th Anniversary

You can post your photos from our Tat Days on our Facebook page. Just look for the Palmetto Tatters Guild page. And we welcome any tatted related posts there, too. Thanks! Be SURE to have permission of all the folks with faces in the picture before posting. THANKS!

What is Tat Days?


One tatter writes: "I am so excited I can hardly STAND it! ;-) You'd think I was 5 years old and waiting for Christmas, my birthday, and a trip to the circus, all rolled into one. ;-)"
Tat Days is a time for all level tatters (tried it a little to advanced) to come together and tat ("art of making lace") for 48 hours. Well maybe only 45; we do sleep a little! There will be a variety of 1.5 to 3 hour classes to select from with various items being created and new techniques being learned. There will be lots of time to chat and learn from other tatters. Show 'N Tell will be exciting as folks bring out works of tatted art they have created. And of course fun, games, and good food. Meet back up with old friends and make new ones. Find out you no longer need to keep tatting by yourself in your closet because there are tatters all across the globe. Tatting started out as an edging on sheets and clothing. It is much, much more now. As you browse our site, you will see many examples of tatted lace. Enjoy! We DO!