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Last updated May 23, 2007

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Comments on the Tatting Hands Video

June 2007
Just letting you know that I got the TH DVD a few days back.  FANTASTIC!!!!!!  Loved Georgia's comments about my "2 legged dead spider" split ring technique.  You all did a great job on it.

1) Hello!  I hope you are having a good day.  I've enjoyed the Tatting Hands DVD and recommended it to others who show up for beginner's class.
2) ....I also noted from the really wonderful TATTING HANDS DVD from Palmetto - that I don't put the thread on my left hand the same way as most did - but neither do I do the 'crochet' method. That is why I say tatting is so forgiving. In spite of Bev -
things look fine and get done. LOL

May 2007
I have shown the "tease" to several people and they want copies. They are new tatters and are amazed at how differently people's hands are working. One of the ladies dropped her mouth open when she saw the shuttle being stored between her fingers like a beautician stores her comb for quick access. Everyone agrees that Marie's method needs to be watched closely and more than once.

Oh my goodness gracious! I never knew there were so many ways to tat. I am so thankful to have seen the Palmettos Tatters Guild DVD, "Tatting Hands". The next time I drop my shuttle, let my hands backslide into crochet mode or get all tangled up in knots, I'll just think of it as a new way to tat! Thanks so much!

April 2007
Congratulations to Donna & Jeff Thompson on an excellent video!
We just finished watching it, and really enjoyed it. I saw ways to tat I never knew existed! The background music was great, didn't interfere with the flow of the narration -- please tell the Music Man (Kyle) he did a good job.

I think everyone who teaches tatting, or who intends to teach tatting, needs a copy of this video. The underlying message -- everyone tats in their own way and nobody's way is the "correct" way -- is so positive. APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE!!!!

I have ... watched it completely through at least 15 times. You (Georgia), Donna and Jeff did an amazing job.
Thanks again,

What is all the talk about?

The Tatting Hands Video is an amazing collection of over 30 different styles of tatting. It begins with a few minutes on How-to-Tat and then 80 minutes of outstanding tatting with a surprise ending! “There is no one way to tat,” says Georgia Seitz, the narrator. “The joy is in the journey and our hands take us all the way.”
3.5 minute teaser:    Small file (for dial-up)      Large file
Click here to order.

PTG would LOVE to hear your comments on this video. Write Donna T.

The proceeds will help offset PTG's costs to continue offering many hours of tatting lessons including our 2-day Tat Days Conference. ENJOY!

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