December 1, 2001

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Well the last meeting of the year 2001 has come and gone. A small group gathered at the Irmo Library this Saturday. We took down the display that had been up for the month - We heard that they had had several nice comments about it. Those that were there collected their items. I have the rest and will bring them to the next meeting (and the ones after that if they are not collected there). Just a reminder - THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE THE LAST SATURDAY IN JANUARY 2002. (No end of Dec meeting r/t Christmas holidays) We will meet at the Lexington County Library on US 1 (our normal place) and at that time discuss options for the future.

Theresa was kind enough to bring in various types of threads she has collected and tried and allowed those of us there to wind off a bit to try (the price wasn't bad - just make a butterfly of each thread you take to try for the 2002 SC State Fair giveaway - it's never to early to start getting them together). There were many comments about the variety of threads and how many of us had never tried them (some of the newbies had never even heard of some of the brands). Well we got to thinking and I have typed in the following proposal for everyone to think about. It would be a way to try different threads and sizes and see how they work for us. It's not written in stone and we would not make a decision before the January meeting. If you have any questions please direct them to me as this is what I have come up for and do want input from others. My email address is:

Proposal: A Thread of the Month Club to be set up by the Palmetto Tatters Guild for its members.

If you are like me you see all the different threads mentioned on the different tatting chat lists and wish you could try them all. There are several problems with this: Cost, Time, Space and finding the threads. This proposal is to give us all a chance to try a small amount of a thread at a minimal cost, and discuss what we liked and did not like about each thread (our experience with it) and make up our own mind about what we choose to use.

How To's:

1. The Thread of the Month Club will run with members joining (by paying)for a six month period at a time.

2. Members may join at any time for a period of six months.

3. The coordinator will be responsible for collecting all moneys, acquiring thread and distributing thread at each meeting. The coordinator will wind each ball of thread off into 10 yard lots. The coordinator will remind members via email or with their thread when their membership is about to expire.

4. A six month membership will be $6.00 ($1.00 per month).

5. Any excess Moines will be used by the group for costs associated with the Annual State Fair Demo Day and Butterfly Give Away and with other projects that the group votes to support as funds are available.

6. Each person participating will receive, at the meeting, a card with 10 yards of the Thread of the Month.

7. Each months thread will be discussed at the following meeting so we can all share feedback about the thread.

8. If a member is not able to attend a meeting their thread will be held until the next meeting. Or a member may choose to pay an extra $0.50 to have their thread mailed to them after the meeting.

9. The project coordinator will have several extra thread samples available at the meeting for people who want to join the Thread of the Month Club.

10. Excess threads will be made available to members of the Thread of the Month Club at following meetings at the same cost.

11. If members of the group have a partial ball of thread that they would like donate for others to try they are welcome to donate the thread to the group by giving the thread to the coordinator for distribution. (This will help to increase the amount the group has in its account to pay for things.)

12. Anyone knowing of a thread they would like to try is encouraged to communicate that fact to the coordinator. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

13. Yes, Yes I know we are all busy - I will be the coordinator for this.

Columbia, SC
NATA # 287


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