Monthly Gathering, May 25, 2002

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The Palmetto Tatters Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

The following were elected by individual ballot:
President: Teresa Woods
Secretary: Bonnie Stroman
Treasurer: Sharren Morgan
Web Master: Donna Thompson
Program Coordinator: Joy Critchfield
Membership Coordinator: Jean Carelock
Location Manager: Jeanette Swygert
Butterfly Chairman & Thread of the Month Coordinator: Sheron Goldin
(Click here for a picture.)

A hearty thank you to Katie Johnson for her assistance & support in the beginnings of The Palmetto Tatters website.

Teresa Woods proceeded with the business meeting.

Project Reports:
(1) Butterfly Book: Joy reported the book is progressing and should be complete before 6/20/02.
Sheron & Sharren are assisting with the layout of the pages. Joy asked for more simple butterfly patterns with variations by early June to include in the book. Please email to Sheron or Sharren. The name of the book is Butterflies Migrating. Click here to see the cover and get excited with us! Notice will also be made on the Tat Chat & E-Tatters chat lines when the book is ready.

(2) SC State Fair (October 4, 2002) Tatting Demonstration & Display for Palmetto Tatters:
Sheron reported we now have almost 1,000 butterflies for the fair and we need 2,000 more. So keep those butterflies flying in!! Need to know where to land the butterflies? Write Sheron.
Sheron also made a sample information card that will be used as a calling card to all the fair visitors.
All Palmetto tatters are also encouraged to enter their tatting in the fair.

(3) Palmetto Tatters 1st Annual Tat Day (April 5, 2003):
Joy opened discussion on possible locations for the event. Palmetto tatters have been offered to hold the event at the McKissick Museum in downtown Columbia and a show of hands was unanimous to pursue the Museum as the
site of choice. Joy announced that a professionally judged tatting competition will be held that day with Diana Stevens of Washington state judging for us. Teresa held a discussion on the various needs to be worked on by
committee: activities, classes, vendors, raffle, door prizes, lunch, motel arrangements. She also reminded that this info must be on this website before 7/1/02. A call was made for committee members and The 2003 Tat Day Committee was formed with Dawn, Donna, Joy, Judy and Sharren. (Picture) Of course, the success of the event will depend on the efforts of everyone as we go forward.

Old Business:
The Laksami 3-yard Challenge
Joy stated this challenge is to be used to encourage tatters to improve their proficiency by repeating a pattern for 3 yards. This can be edging, doilies, or mat-shaped to measure 3 yards of tatting. There will be different levels of difficulty to allow for progression. Each level of progression will be rewarded with a "striver" for recognition. This challenge is open to all tatters in & outside of Palmetto Tatters group. More info to follow soon.

New Business:
June program: The group will begin to work on items needed for the State Fair learning project kits.·
July program: Joy will demonstrate mounting tatting on a foam board for displaying.

Also, we request that all members remember Joy and her family, and Drucie and her husband.

Respectively submitted,
Bonnie Stroman
(Condensed for Web by Donna T.)


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