August 25, 2001

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Well I'm sure you are all waiting for news about our meeting August 25, 2001. It was a fairly quiet one with scissors clicking and holes being punched as we all went about cutting out our cardboard shuttles for the State Fair, then winding about 3 yards of size 10 cotton onto the shuttles. Thanks to Donna and her husband Jeff who set up the templates for the shuttles and also did the butterfly scan for the back of the shuttle, printed the label sheets and applied them to the shirt weight cardboard we are using for the shuttles. Boy do we feel organized and ready to do our demo day on October 5. Including the butterflies I found in my mailbox this evening, we have over 2075 butterflies, some still waiting for the finishing touches (put the tacky backing on).

No classes as such but Joy did show Faye how to put beads in the center of split rings for a bracelet Faye is working on. We also had two new members come to learn how to tat.

We also talked about working on split chains, something many of us have yet to master. Well that may have to wait until after the State Fair.

We are also setting up for a display at the Irmo Library's new branch for the month of November - everyone has been told that all items entered into the State Fair are wanted for the display also. All Tatters in South Carolina are encouraged to send in a registration form by September 7 listing all four Tatting categories. If some of us don't get four items made we will still know that we tried our best and its better to arrange to be able to enter something and not be able to get it done then to get it done and not be able to enter it into the Fair. If you don't have access to a State Fair booklet you can go to the State Fair website at: . You can download a form from there. The tatting items are under Miscellaneous.

Thanks to Sherong (Columbia, SC, NATA # 287) for this great article!

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