September 29, 2001

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Just wanted to update everyone on our meeting this week. The butterfly flock was spread out and pictures were taken. Now we have to wait for the pictures to get to Donna and for her to post them on the web site - then everyone can get a glimpse of them. The library where we meet has some tables, I guess that they are a standard size (I think about 3-4 feet wide by 8 feet long I did not measure). The flock (or whatever one calls a group of butterflies) overflowed one table so we used almost 3/4 of a second table.

Several newbies came including a mother and daughter who both learned to tat. In addition to the basic tatting several of us had worked on split chains since the last meeting. We compared notes and techniques, now we all need to practice, practice, practice.

People brought in many items for us to display at the fair and then to display at the Irmo, SC library in November. Some beautiful tatted collars someone had gotten while she was in Russia, a handkerchief someone had tatted around the edge for a wedding gift for her daughter, lots of items from Wally (she even showed us the butterfly that is being discussed this week by the online tatting class-beautiful work), and many other items. I can't remember them all but will see them when we get to set up the actual display on Friday.

Well still much to do to get ready for the Fair. Got to go.

Sherong, Columbia, SC, NATA # 287

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