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Candle Cuff

Teacher - Melanie Cervi
Level 2 Shuttle and Needle

Description: Tat a Candle Cuff for use with candle sticks to celebrate with elegance.
Skills Required: Tatting rings with chains, split rings, comfortable joining chains as they cross. Optional to add beads.
Techniques taught: We will be tatting a doily designed to drape over the platform of a candle holder. The joins in the outer rounds are “celtic joins” with split rings to stabilize the points of the chains.
Materials: Thread and shuttle or needle. Optional to add beads or bells
Pre-class preparation: Wind 2 shuttle CTM with 12 ¼ yard thread loading optional beads and bells onto shuttle 2 thread. Needle tatters will need to load some beads onto thread.
Kit: $5.00 (Students)
$7.00 (non-Students)
Kit will include bells and beads to create the Christmas themed Candle Cuff.
Note: I will not be flying with candle sticks to display the cuffs. If anyone from the local area would like to loan a set, that will assist the class see the possible bead placement.

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