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Corny Earrings

Teacher - Shawna Wachs
Level 2 Shuttle and Needle, but Needle tatters are on their own.

Descriptio: We will be making a cute pair of corn cob earrings using a lot of lock stitches and some block tatting.
Skills Required: Basic Tatting Skills (Rings, Chains, Picots, Chains) and Finger Tatting
Techniques Taught: Lock Joins and Block tatting
Materials/Supplies: 2 Shuttles, Thread (Size 20 in Yellow and Green), 2 Earring wires, Paper clip, Crochet hook (appropriate to the thread size) unless your shuttle has a hook.
Pre-class preparation; Wind 1.5 yd Yellow CTM to ball onto one shuttle. Wind 1.5 yd Green CTM to ball onto the other shuttle.
Kit: No
Note: Instructor will have earring wires available for in-person students

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