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Dancing Centipede

Teacher - Karey Solomon
Level 2 Shuttle and Needle, but needle tatters are on their own.

Description: True, centipedes have more than ten legs, and they don’t wear colorful boots, but this one is young and carefree, probably because its tatter learned how to tat floating chains – and enjoy them. Ready for a challenge? You’ll be dancing too!
Skills Required: Basic tatting skills (rings, chains, joins) and Split rings (need to be proficient BEFORE Tat Days)
Methods or Technique for Class: Floating Chains. Adjust for stretching and irregularities.
Supplies Needed: 2 Shuttles, Thread (Size 10), 12-Size 6 Beads
Pre-Class Preparation: Thread the beads onto thread and wind onto one shuttle CTM about half of the second shuttle (UNBEADED)
Kit: No
Note: An advanced needle tatter who can adapt the pattern is welcome.

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