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Get Hooked Pendant

Teacher - Shawna Wachs
Level 1, Shuttle and Needle, but Needle tatters are on their own.

Description Let’s tat a work and hook it and get ready to do some fishing!
Skills Required Basic Tatting Skills (Rings, Chains, Picots, Chains)
Techniques Taught Lots of Lock Joins
Materials/Supplies A shuttle with a hook, or a shuttle and a crochet hook, Worm colored thread 3.5-4 yards. 18” wound CTM on a shuttle., 1 Fish hook (1.25” or 1.5”), Paper clip, 5 of 24 or 28 gauge wire , Needle, thread (to match the color of beads, and a small piece of red for the lips, and 2 size 11 seed beads for eyes.
40 size 11/0 seed beads
Kit optional - "KIT: $5.00 (Students) / $6.00 (All others)
Kit contents: fish hook, wire, necklace for the pendant, thread for eyes and mouth, and worm-color thread."

*Notes This is possible in needle tatting, but needle tatters will be on their own.

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