Herringbone Bracelet

Teacher - Sharren Morgan
Level 1 Shuttle and Needle

Description Create a simple, elegant bracelet from rings only. Beads are optional, but a metallic thread or one with a filament may be used without beads.
Skills Required Rings
Techniques Taught Lock Joins, Regular Joins, Joining into a Metal Split Ring
Measuring for a bracelet
Making your bracelet adjustable
Materials/Supplies 1 shuttle, loaded with the size thread you wish to tat; pre-strung beads if you want to do the 2nd bracelet option, a quantity of loose beads to be used as you tat if you wish to tat the 1st bracelet option; clasp and small metal split rings for your bracelet (helpful to have clasp on its own metal split ring)
Kit Not applicable
Notes Needle tatters will want to ensure the needle they use will go completely through the hole in the beads for the 2nd bracelet option.