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How Well Do You Know Your Picots?

Teacher - Kelli Slack
Level 3 Shuttle

Description: From twisted to downward facing, Venetian to Lotus, explore the picot in ways you’ve never considered before.
Skills Required: Basic tatting skills (i.e., rings, chains, joins, and picots. How to wind a shuttle and read a pattern. Working w/2 shuttles. Split rings and chains, Beadwork, SCMR, and Mock picots
Methods or Technique for Class: Mrs. Mee’s, Dot (not really a picot at all!), Twisted, Venetian, Lotus/Overlapping, Vapor, Floral/Layers, and many other picots.
Supplies Needed: 4 Shuttles (minimum), 2 balls Thread (Size 20 or 40 in contrasting colors). Pencil/pen and paper OR other note-taking items. Crochet hook or tool for joining, Tapestry needle or end-burying tool, and Scissors. Optional: beads.
Kit: No
Notes: "We will also discuss when you might swap or change a picot in a pattern to better suit your tastes.
Note: We may not make it through all the techniques in this 3-hr class but we will try."

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