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I’ve Gone Crazy w/Size 80 Thread

Teacher - Erin Holloway-Moseley
Level 2 Shuttle

Description: Student will make an ornament cover using several colors size 80 thread. Elements of the pattern may be used for earrings or pendants as well.
Skills Required: Rings, chains, lock chains, lock joins, regular joins, folded joins.
Methods or Technique for Class: Lock Chains
Supplies Needed: Pattern calls for 5 colors of size 80 thread. Student may elect to use different number of colors. Student may use larger thread for class and make earrings, pendant or motif suitable for use as an ornament.
Kit: Optional
Kit Description: Kit Cost: $4.00. Contains a 2 5/8" matte glass ball, sufficient yardage of 5 colors of Lizbeth size 80 thread to complete ornament prewound on floss threaders.

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