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Intermediate Inkscape for Tatting Design

Teacher - Mike Lyon

Description: This class builds on the “Introduction to Inkscape” class. It teaches the techniques of snapping, transforming shapes, and use of templates to draw tatting designs.
Skills Required: Prerequisite:“Introduction to Inkscape” class or a good familiarity with the topics covered in that introductory class.
Methods or Technique for Class: Samples, Crosshairs, Layers, Text, Snapping, Duplicating, Transform/Rotation, Bezier Curves, Robin Perfetti template, Determining Stitch counts, Overall workflow, and Keyborard shortcuts
Supplies Needed: A laptop with a power cord or sufficient battery power for the length of the class.
Pre-Class Preparation: Inkscape 1.2.1 (or later) must be loaded and installed.
Kit: No
Notes: Each class is limited to 6 students. Additional intro classes can be run if interest is indicated.

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