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Introduction to Inkscape

Teacher - Mike Lyon

Description: This hands-on computer class is a basic introduction to the freeware drawing program, Inkscape. In it, the student will gain an understanding of the basic layout of the drawing page, how to work with shapes, colors and lines, and save work
Skills Required: Comfort using computers.
Methods or Techniques for Class: Page set-up, Toolbars, Shapes, Line and fill, Grouping, Zooming, Copy/Paste, and Saving work.
Eqiuipment needed: A laptop with a power cord or sufficient battery power for the length of the class.
Pre-class Preparation: Inkscape 1.2.1 (or later) must be loaded and installed. The program can be downloaded from
Kit Not Applicable
Notes Each class is limited to 6 students. Additional intro classes can be run if interest is indicated.

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