Jacob's Ladder Bracelet

Teacher - Karey Solomon
Level 2 Shuttle and Needle

Description Using an unusual material (for tatting) – ladder yarn – as an adjunct to tatting, it’s possible to create lightweight texture that has a substance as a bracelet but could equally well be pressed flat in a book to mark a place.
Skills Required Rings and chains
Techniques Taught It’s the fun of exploring an unusual combination of yarn and tatting thread, as well as the adventure of hiding unusual ends – as well as the usual ones – to create a beautiful work enjoyable to wear or use.
Materials/Supplies Beads are optional, but if chosen, string 50 size 6 beads threaded on size 10 thread; wind about 4 yards of unbeaded thread on shuttle, leave attached to the ball. Also required are hree strands of nylon or polyester “ladder yarn” cut to 12” lengths, and a ring-and-toggle clasp set. Additional tools needed include a size 7, 8, 9, or 10 crochet hook, and sharp scissors.
Kit Required – no charge for either participants or non-participants