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Nina Libin’s SCMR Earrings

Teacher - Bonnie Swank
Level 1 Shuttle and Needle

Description: This class features two projects exploring the possibilities of beaded self-closing mock rings. Students will learn how to handle numerous beads on metallic thread and how to read and follow the pattern.
Skills Required: Rings, Self-cloing Mock Ring, Floating Rings, Use of metallic thread, and Lots of beads
Techniques Taught: Concept of ‘up’ and ‘down’ beads.
Materials/Supplies: 2 Shuttles -OR- Tatting Needle #8, Metallic thread, Size 11 Seed beads, and a Side-threading needle
Kit: Optional
Kit Description: "KIT: $20.00 (Students) $25.00 (All others)
Kit contents: Kit will include seed beads preloaded
onto metallic thread, a beading needle and earring findings. Nina will post color
choices on her website at"
Notes: The projects cover heavily beaded self-closing mock rings, regular beaded rings, floating rings, and a variety of beaded picots.

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