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Nina Libin's Sunflowers for Ukraine

Teacher - Bonnie Swank
Level 2 Needle and Shuttle

Description: Students will use two shuttles or tatting needle #8 with side threading needle to make a beautiful tribute jewelry set. This set of Sunflowers is part of a large series of tributes to heroic Ukraine.
Skills Required: Rings, split rings, chains, floating rings, lock joins, use of metallic thread and a few hundred beads.
Methods or Technique for Class: Concept of ‘up’ and ‘down beads and tatting with metallic thread.
Supplies Needed: Metallic thread, seed beads size 11, two shuttles or tatting needle #8 and side threading needle.
Kit: Optional
Kit Description: KIT: $25.00 (Students) $30.00 (All others)
Kit contents: Kit will include gold and blue seed beads preloaded onto gold metallic thread, a beading needle, and earring findings. Needle kits will include side-threading needle.

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