Ornament for Terry

Teacher - Erin Holloway Moseley
Level 3 Shuttle

Description: A small portion of a favorite pattern can serve as a launch pad for a new design. I have used one of Terry McGuffin’s bell patterns (the bells are very difficult to find) as inspiration for a ball ornament cover. Terry’s pattern “This Bell Tolls for Thee” from her book Thirteen Bell Patterns served as the model for this ornament pattern.
Skills: Rings and chains. Working with two shuttles.
Stitches, Methods and/or Techniques
to be taught: Terry designed using self-made tools. One can either create physical models of elements or draft computer elements. We will spend a portion of the class actually designing an ornament cover prototype. Student may then work on the pattern supplied, or explore possibilities with the newly-created pattern.
Materials Needed and Preparation: 2 shuttles wound CTM 2.5-to-3-inch ornament. I will have some available for those who are traveling light.
Kit - Not applicable