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Ornamentation Swirl

Teacher - Melanie Cervi
Level 1 Shuttle and Needle

Description: Create a fun doily to use as a mat.
Skills Required: Tat rings and chains joining behind previous element to create stacked rings.
Methods or Technique for Class: Joining rings to central ring. Planning a project with variegated thread.
Supplies Needed: Thread with shuttle or needle. Variegated thread encouraged.
Pre-Class Preparation: Wind shuttle CTM w/ball
Kit: No
Notes: This motif is part of an art piece I created for a fundraiser through Carmel Bach Festival. The committee asked why I chose the colors in the photo. When I replied with the color name: Spice, they were taken with the wildness of the art. Well, I suppose so! Perhaps this piece in Spice will be Tatting in the Wild?

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