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Tatting Plus Knotted Lace

Teacher - Kelli Slack
Level 1 Shuttle

Description: Tatting combined with other needle arts makes for some truly spectacular work. Learn how to add Mediterranean Knotted Lace (MKL) "petals" to your tatted pieces and add some extra "oomph" to your tatting.
Skills Required: Basic tatting skills (i.e., rings, chains, joins, and picots. How to wind a shuttle and read a pattern.
Methods or Technique for Class: Basic loops, Closed loops, Increasing, Decreasing, Adding beads, Adding thread
Supplies Needed: 4 Shuttles (minimum), 3 balls Thread, size 40 (at least 2 in a solid color), Scissors. Pencil/pen and paper OR other note taking items, Tapestry needle, Crochet hook (US size 10, 12, or 14). Sashiko needle recommendd for MKL portion. Optioal: extra bobbins for bobbin shuttles
Kit: No
Note: Students that know split rings, beadwork, etc. will be able to use those techniques as well, but knowledge of those techniques is not required.

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