Tatty Turtle

Teacher - Gretchen Miller
Level 3 Shuttle and Needle*

Description Participants will learn how to tat and join 4 rings to the inside of an enameled metal turtle pendant that I have created just for them.
Skills Required Knowledgeable and proficient with rings and joins, and comfortable working with beads. Must be able to follow and manipulate the working and core threads during an unusual joining technique
Techniques Taught Joining to the inside of a rigid object
Adding beads from core thread.
Materials/Supplies 1 shuttle
Small crochet hook
Chain or ribbon to make the pendant into a necklace or ornament
Kit $ 15.00 (available for both participants and non-participants)
Notes Additional kits will be available in the vending room at the event and includes NC Sales Tax.

The kit will contain an enameled copper turtle with sterling silver jump ring, coordinating size 20 Lizbeth tatting thread, and seed beads. Please note that while the tatting may seem simple (just 4 rings), the inside joins require some finger gymnastics!