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Wire Tatting for Everyone

Teacher - Kelli Slack
Level 2 Shuttle

Description Have you been hankering for a different thread? Can’t decide what to do next? Try wire tatting!
Skills Required Basic tatting skills (i.e., rings, chains, joins, and picots. How to wind a shuttle and read a pattern. Students that know split rings, beadwork, etc. will be able to use those techniques as well, but knowledge of those techniques is not required.
Techniques Taught Winding wire, Which shuttle to use, Protecting your hands, Tools for wire tatting, and How to "block" wire tatting
Materials/Supplies Aero- or Aerlite-style plastic shuttles w/bobbins (2 shuttles & 4 bobbins minimum), 1 Spool each (26, 28, and 30 AWG) wire. Pencil/pen and paper OR other note taking items. Set of wire working tools. Scotch-style clear tape (Flexible bandages (Band-AidTM). Optional: beads, long-nose pliers, bone or wooden awl, and extra bobbins.
Kit Not applicable
Notes "Optional: beads, log nose pliers, bone or wood awl, extra bobbins for bobbin shuttles.
Join Kelli in this class where you will learn tips and tricks for working with wire to create tatted creations that don't need to be stiffened. Have a little agression you need to release? We will be beating our tatting into submission with a rubber mallet!"

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