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I grew up in Western North Carolina receiving many benefits of my talented family. My hobbies consist of anything and everything that peaks my interest. I have taught crocheting, Knitting and Beading.

I became interested in tatting in the late 1980’s. I went to a Cross Stitch convention and took a tatting class from Betsy Evans. Wonderful lady! There are not many crafts that I have not tried.

I love to wood carve, embroidery and quilt, make baskets.

I have attended many Tat Days starting in 2005.

Tatting is very addicting and I will not go out my door without thread and shuttles.

My husband says that when I fall asleep in the car that my hands are still moving,

I have been inspired by so many teachers at Tat Days and still run into many people that see my hands working and have never seen tatting.


Brenda Atchley

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