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My first introduction to tatting was finding a shuttle in my grandmother’s sewing basket. She was never very interested in tatting but remembered the idea of the hen & chickens pattern. An elderly neighbor could tat but only her fingers knew what to do so she couldn't teach me to tat. My mother finally found someone that could help get me to get started in the right direction. Lots of trash bits later I finally got the hang of it. Eventually, the internet came along and opened up a broader world of tatting for me. My proudest teaching tatting moment was when a high school-aged friend asked me to teach her to tat. Sure! “I have 30 minutes before I leave to go back to school 6 hours away.” Out came the magic wand and she won an Easter egg decorating contest for the entire school with her tatting within a few months. I have an undergraduate degree in Home Economics and a master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education. I have taught tatting with quilt shops and won several ribbons at the fair for tatting and other crafts. I previously taught through the local university's continuing education program. I teach tatting privately as the occasion arises. I also teach aerobics and Pilates.
In March 2021, I received a Master's certificate from the Tatters Across Time, Inc. Tatting Proficiency Program(c). Thus completing this portion of my tatting journey which I began in September 2017.


Marilyn Jones

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