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I began tatting in 2004 and found Georgia Seitz Online tatting classes. I learned to tat in those classes and did many special activities for Georgia to learn more intricate techniques. I began a YouTube channel to chart my progress and shortly after viewing some of those videos, I was asked to make videos for the beginner’s class then it went to the intermediate, and so forth. When Georgia retired and asked me if I would keep the classes going for her it was my opportunity to pay back the kindness she shared with me in teaching to me to tat and a debt of gratitude for her taking the time to offer those classes for free. I promised her I would never charge for the classes and she will always be the founder of those classes. Tatting is my first love and will forever be as I am an avid admirer of the art of lacemaking in any form. I now run the largest Online Tatting Classes in the world and we are live on YouTube. We offer beginner to advanced classes to anyone who wants to learn.

Tamie Montgomery

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