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Ann Onnymouse

Teacher - Jane Eborall Level II Shuttle

Description: This class will teach the student to follow instructions and directions carefully!! There are one or two unexpected twists and turns! No sleeping in this class!

Skills required: Knowledge of split rings would be useful but you’ll get plenty of practice with them.

Techniques taught: Mainly split rings but with some twists and turns thrown in to keep you awake.

Supplies needed: Two shuttles, size 20 thread and one size 9 bead for the eye.

Pre-class preparation: Wind 2¾ yards on Sh1 and pull off a further 2½ from the ball and add to Sh2 (CTM) The finished mouse measures 1¾” in height.

Kit supplied: No.

Notes: Please note – needle tatters will be welcome but I can only offer minimal help.

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