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October 11 - 22, 2023

PTG demo date: Saturday, October 21, 2023

Tatting Registrations of Entries: due July through August.  Go to the SC State Fair page for online entry.

Volunteers: We can always use volunteers at our SC State Fair to work our booth. We are there ALL day, from 9 to 9. We work in 2-hour shifts. We mostly demonstrate tatting, sharing our love for the art. We also share the little pieces of tatting that have been so graciously donated. We may even do a little teaching of tatting.

Contact to sign up

Register to Enter: In July and August, no entry fee. In September there is an entry fee. Go to the SC State Fair page to register.

Entries Received: Tuesday and Wednesday - A week before opening day.
Time: 07:30 AM - 06:00 PM
Location: Moore Building Enter Gate 1 on Rosewood Drive and proceed to the Moore Building.

Date of Judging: The Thursday after receiving. (closed judging)

Entries picked up: The MONDAY and TUESDAY after the last Sunday for the Fair. 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Enter Gate 1 on Rosewood Drive and proceed to Moore Building with entry Claim Check(s).

Tatting Entries: (check online for updates and other possibilities)

Register your pieces online. There is no fee to register during July and August. Go to

Tatting is under Home & Craft, Fancy Work, Embroidery, Needle Arts & Miscellaneous.  See possible categories below. We will gladly help you register your pieces at the PTG meetings.   Note: You no longer must enter your Social Security number to register an entry but if you win a blue ribbon, you will not get a check if you do not enter your SS#.

Delivery of Fancy Work:  Tuesday and Wednesday week before the Fair opens-October 10 & 11, 2022. Don't forget your entry cards. A Palmetto Tatter will gladly deliver your handiwork if you get them your pieces by September 30 along with your entry cards that the State Fair will mail to you after you register online. (You may wish to bring entries to the Aug. or Sept. meetings or to Tat Days.)

Date of Judging (Closed to the public): Thursday before the Fair opens.


  • Must be a resident of South Carolina

  • May enter one (1) article per class (numbered category)

  • No article previously shown at the Fair and received a premium may be entered.

  • All work must have been done by the exhibitor and within the last three (3) years.

  • A person is considered a professional if he/she has earned more than $1,000 during this year teaching the craft, selling, or bartering his/her work and would have an unfair advantage over a hobbyist. Unless otherwise designated, all classes should be entered only by amateurs.

  • Complete rules are on the State Fair page.

YOUTH has 2 categories:  Ages 5-11 and Ages 12-18
SENIORS can also enter in category SS if Age 70+


Special Palmetto Tatters Guild Awards:

There will be additional judging done by a Palmetto Tatters Guild judge and Special PTG Ribbons will be given for:

  • Best Double Stitches & Picots

  • Most Innovative Tatted Design

  • Judges' Recognition Award

  • Best Youth Entry 

Ideas for CATEGORIES (Sometimes they change)


Available Divisions & Sections:

  • 3033 - Tatting - Christmas

  • 3034 - Tatting - Decorative

  • 3035 - Tatting - Doily (any shape or size)

  • 3036 - Tatting - Edging (attached or unattached)

  • 3037 - Tatting - Jewelry

  • 3038-  Tatting - Wearable (infant and other clothing)


  • 8216 – Tatting

  • 8209 – Homemade Article

  • 8217 – Tablecloth

  • 8218 - Any Other Work not listed

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