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Birdie with tail up

Teacher - Heidi Nakayama Level II Shuttle

Description: This adorable birdie will challenge your brain and your attention to chain tension. The wing and tail contain some unusual twists and turns. The head and chest contains only one ring with the remaining made entirely of chains.

Skills required: Working with 2 shuttles and the ability to understand which shuttle is needed for the many changes in chain direction.

Techniques taught: None

Materials needed: 2 shuttles, size 20 thread, 2 small paperclips or other type of picot spacers.

Pre-class preparation: Wind one pair of shuttles CTM with 2 yards on each shuttle. Wind second pair of shuttles CTM with 1½ yards on each shuttle. Please adjust thread amount if working with any other size of thread.

Kit: No

Note: Needle tatters welcome to try, but I do not needle tat.

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