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Cell Phone/ Key Strap

Teacher - Kelli Slack
Level I Shuttle

Description: In this project based class we will create a strap for carrying a cell phone or your keys. Choose the short wrist strap or make a long body strap. Beads are optional, but can be quite fun for this strap.

Skills required: Rings, Chains, Joins, Split Rings, Self Closing Mock Rings (SCMR), Tatting over a solid metal/plastic ring

Techniques taught: Students unfamiliar with tatting over a ring or SCMR will be shown both techniques in class.

Materials needed / Pre-class preparation: $3.50 Required Kit. Cell phone carry and rotating lobster claw pieces, size US 8 (Olympus Tatting Thread Thick) or US 10 thread, 3 to 4 shuttles, 6/0 or 8/0 beads optional, crochet hook (US 8 or 10 recommended), locking stitch maker/ dental floss/ paperclip, scissors, pen/ pencil

Kit: Yes. $3.50. Required. Cellphone strap holder (plastic carry piece for insertion between phone and case) and 2 swivel lobster claw clasps

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