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Jhumka Earrings

Teacher - Erin Holloway Moseley Level III Shuttle

Description: An earring with possibilities! Explore placement of beads on tatting with this project.

Skills required: Block tatting, working with beads and buttons.

Techniques taught: Using a combination of beaded embellishment including prestrung beads on ball thread, placement of beads during work with crochet hook or other means if necessary, embellishment of earring after completion with beading needle and nylon thread, using a button for a base. Beaded lock joins.

Materials needed: For a pair of earrings: desired earring findings i.e. basic stud earrings, leverbacks or French wires, two ½” buttons with 4 holes, 8/0 beads as follows: 24 color a (dark blue in picture), 6 color b (orange in picture) 36 color 6 (turquoise in picture), 18 4mm beads for trim (pale blue in picture), 36 15/0 beads and 36 11/0 beads (gold beads in picture), 4mm beads for disc medallion of earring (4mm Miyuki cube beads pictured). 20 yards size 20 Liz Metallic thread.

Pre-class preparation: String 8/0 beads onto ball thread in following sequence, 36 11/0 beads, 7 color a beads [(1 color b, 2 color a) x 5], 1 color b, 7 color a. Leaving all beads on the ball thread, wind 4 yards thread onto shuttle continuous thread method.

Kit: No.

Note: I find hackle pliers to be especially helpful for these techniques.

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