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Posies for Nina

Teacher - Karey Solomon
Level II Shuttle or Needle

Description: In this tribute to Nina Libin, who taught us that more is better where beads are concerned, Beanile lace beading techniques are combined with a different way of covering a gem to create a substantial ornament

Skills required: Rings, Chains, Comfort level with beads

Techniques taught: Manipulating a quantity of beads, Nina's beading notation, lock CH

Materials needed / Pre-class preparation: Thread 145 beads on size 10 thread (this is a few more than you need). Wind shuttle with 65 beads, leave the rest on the ball. You will also need a standard sized glass gem

Kit: Yes. $5.00 Optional kit. Blue thread /white beads; purple thread / clear beads; yellow thread / blue beads; green thread / silver beads; or combination requested plus gem.

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